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Why Choose Homeopathy

Homeopathy hasn't a long history. It was discovered only 200 years ago, but still received a raputable position in medical streams. The reason of its success and why one should choose homeopathy as his first choice are as follows :

  • Homeopathy :: A complete science
    Homeopathy is a complete science in itself, it helps not only to cure diseases but also to groom whole personality. A homeopath treats the patint and not the disease. It deals with the root causes which are affecting his vital force and personality. After complete treatment the patient feels the difference in his nature and disease adaptability.

  • Homeopathy do not remove the disease, it cures...
    Like other medical systems, homeopathy doesn't work, where only the disease is treated and when patient says now he is ok, doctor discontinues his medicine. Homeopathy works on the root cause so there will be no chance that patient has same disease with same reasons again in his life. This is the unique mechanism, which no other medical stream have.

  • One doctor for all problems
    Homeopathy is a science which believes that diseases are only a mirror image to represent that our body's healing power is not sufficient to cure them, so homeopathic medicines work on that healing power or vital force. That's why homeopathy specialist can cure any sort of disease, whether it has concern with dermatology, cardiology, opthalmo & ENT or with hairfall, mental diseases or orthopedic cases. So we have a physician who gives a single medicine for all the complaints we have. All with one doctor... one medicine and on one place.

  • No side effects
    Constitutional system of medicine deals with a single disease at a time, also it avoids the root cause, so it actually not cures, but tries to control the disease and due to that external pressure patient feels that his disease cured, but soon after he start suffering from the same disease or another, which comes in front due to that pressure. For a general example we all know what pain killers do. It only stops the pain stimulations for some time to reach our nervous system and actual disease remains as it is. It not only a type of ignorance towards disease but also it is harmful for our natural nervous system which results in new diseases.

    Homeopathy actually cures the whole body and not the single organ or disease. Its medicines are based on the principle of 'like cure like', so these homeopathic medicines are prepared according to patient's personality and patient's body feels no extra pressure so it does not react abruptly and hence, they have no side effects.

  • Fast Action
    Normally it is a myth that homeopathy works slowly, but in actual patient finds that he feels relieved within an hour of taking medicine. Homeopathy is not a pain killer, so patient feels the pain but the intensity of pain is reduced. And next time patient feels very much relaxed and then the disease cured forever. In case of normal viral or cough patient feels relaxed just in an hour. But it is a common notion that homeopathy is the choice for treating chronic cases or those patients who are not relieved or do not go well along with traditional drugs. So generally homeopaths receive cases which have both disease and previous medication side effects. So it is normal that homeopathy take some time to show its measurable results.

  • Privilege in some diseases
    Homeopathy has its monopoly in some special sort of cases, which cannot be treated as fast and as better by other medical systems as homeopathy do. Like Mental Cases. Where constitutional system of medicine have no particular treatment for mental cases, it only reduces patient's reactional energy and soon after patient become silent, he stops his misbehave, talking, eating and everything which he did with happyness, homeopathy moves into its core issues and finds out the reasons responsible for his misbehave and after treatment he lives like a normal human being.

  • Cost Effective
    Homeopathy is said to be 'the pathy of the common man'. Homeopathic medicines are cost effective and within the reach of common people.

  • Easy to take
    Homeopathy medicines are available in ready to use format, just like constitutional medical system. Even most of the medicines are given in sugar globule media, so one just need to put it on tongue. Constitutional medicines must be taken after having some food or with milk, but homeopathy medicines need empty stomach, without milk and mostly without water. Where ayurvedic medicines needs a lot of efforts to make it usable and not easy enough to carry, homeopathic medicines need no extra care in carrying and while taking.

  • Scientifically prepared Medicine
    Homeopathy medicines are prepared totally with scientific and hygienic manner. Every drop / particle of raw medicine is diluted with alcohol or distilled water and then physician takes only a drop from that mixture and dilute it again with alcohol or distilled water. This process continues untill physician receives the exact potency. After every dilution the physician put some rhythmatic strokes to energize the medicine. It is taken care that the medicine or diluted mixture's quantity, not exceed. Nowadays use of machines make this whole process more accurate and hygienic.

  • Hygienic & easy to carry Packing
    Homeopathic bottles are sometimes of glass or of plastic. In both the cases the material used is, according to medical norms. A physician never uses the used bottles. Sugar globules are also prepared with all hygienic care. Nowadays from manufacturing to packaging, all work is done by machines. A small dram bottle may contain more than 20 homeopathic sugar globules of big size. It is easy to carry anywhere. Now we can have blister pack homeopathic pills and tablets too.

  • First choice of children
    Children generally hesitate in taking medicine due to its bitter taste, that's why homeopathy sweet medicines are children's first choice. These medicines have no side effects so parents also prefer homeopathy for their children.

  • Natural while good for nature...
    Homeopathic medicines are prepared mainly with natural abstracts, but the amount which needed for medicine is too minute that it does not harm nature and natural resources can be available for a long time.

  • No Refrainisation
    Most of the medicines in homeopathy have no instructions to avoid some particular type of food etc. In most of the cases there is only one thing to remember that one must not drink water before and after 10 minutes of taking medicines. Some medicines show better result when we take them early in the morning, so physician sometimes tells us to take medicine with empty stomach. Also anything which have strong smell or taste like garlic should be taken before or after half an hour.