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An Overview of Temperaments

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Presented By : Dr. (Mrs.) Puneet Srivastava

As the title suggested, presentation by Dr. Puneet S. Vikram presents an overview of temperaments. Temperament is the characteristic combination of bodily, mental and moral qualities which together constitute the character and disposition of an individual and predispose him to act and behave in a particular manner. Dr. Puneet shows that no temperament type is good or bad, each temperament has its own strengths and weaknesses and with the prescription in Homeopathy, homeopath diminishes the weakness.

In this presentation Dr. Puneet explains different types of temperaments according to different homeopathy theories and views, their strengths and weaknesses, medicine selection and potency for different temperament people. Overall presentation is presented in a beautiful manner with enough pictures and explanations and anyone related to homeopathy and interested in knowledge about temperaments, will like to have a copy on his PC.

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