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Homeopathy Dissertation :: Online Dissertation/Thesis for Study and Reference

  • Posology and Its Efficacy
    Author : Dr. Mohd. Furqan Aamer  |  Rating:   |  57501 times viewed

    A homoeopathic 'dose' means the particular preparation of medicine used, the quantity and form of that preparation as well as the number of administration of the medicine. In short, homoeopathic 'dose' includes potency, quantity, form and number of administration of the medicine. The study of the doctrine of these doses is known as ‘Posology’.

    It pays to be careful and "go slow" in the beginning; then there will not be so many mistakes to correct. We should examine our case carefully and systematically, select our first remedy and potency with care, give our first dose, if the single dose is decided upon and then watch results. If the remedy and dose are right there will be results.

  • One sided disease management
    Author : Dr. Mukesh Shrivastav  |  Rating:   |  110416 times viewed

    The medical scenario of the present day has brought forth illness, which were previously not known to mankind, some were termed as iatrogenic & other were labeled as idiopathic. Health care has become an industry where every day new medicine hits the market, the rampant, injudicious usage of antibiotics, pain killers, steroids, vaccines etc. has actually pushed / suppressed the sickness to invisible interior, as a result only few symptoms are presented by the patient which makes it difficult to manage such case.

  • Importance of Polychrest Drugs in Homeopathy
    Author : Dr. Mohd. Furqan Aamer  |  Rating:   |  28268 times viewed

    ... 'Polychrest', which means remedies for many uses, or many ailments and used most frequently in all cases... These medicines cover most of the characteristics features of all the three Miasms i.e. Psora; Sycosis and Syphilis because of that also these are called as Polychrest drugs.

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