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Doctor of Medicine in Homoeopathy Syllabus

Duration: 4 years including compulsory internship of one year duration after passing the final degree examination.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • BHMS.


[which have been amended twice i.e. vide Homoeopathy (Post Graduate Degree Course) M.D. (Hom.) (Amendment) Regulations, 1992 & (Post Graduate Degree Course) M.D. (Hom.) (Amendment) Regulations, 2001]

The Central Council has prescribed Post Graduate Degree Courses in Homeopathic subjects i.e., Materia Medica, Homoeopathic Philosophy and Repertory which spread over 3 years duration including one year house job or equivalent thereof.

In order to evaluate the standards of medical education being imparted in various medical colleges of Homoeopathy, the Central Council has laid down with the prior approval of Central Government, Homoeopathy Central Council (Inspectors and Visitors) Regulations, 1982 for inspection of the colleges in terms of teaching facilities, equipments, accommodation, staff provided in the Colleges and attached hospitals.


  1. Each theory paper shall be of three hours duration.
  2. The Practical/oral examination shall be completed immediately after the theory Examination.
  3. There shall be two examinations in a year. One Regular examination and another Supplementary, The supplementary examination may be conducted within 6 months of the Regular examination
  4. No student shall be permitted to join para-clinical/clinical group of subjects until he has passed in all the pre clinical subjects of First BHMS for which he will be permitted not more than four chances including the original examination.
  5. Attendance: 75% attendance in a subject for appearing in the examination is compulsory. The examining body may relax this on exceptional circumstances on individual merit.

For more details about various rules & regulations please visit : http://www.cchindia.com/

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