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Dr. B.S. Suvarna

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B.A., D.I. (HOM.), M.I.H., Ph.D. (ITALY, GOLD MEDALIST), PGDPC (psychotherapy&counseling)
Last Updated: Mar 24, 2010

Dr.(Mrs.) B. S. SUVARNA is associate Editor to Homeopathic Horizon and consultant to Stay fit magazine Bangalur. She is B.A., D.I. (HOM.), M.I.H., Ph.D. (ITALY, GOLD MEDALIST), PGDPC (psychotherapy&counseling). She is practicing homoeopathy in Chikmagalur, Karnataka, INDIA since 30 years.

She wrote many articles on homeopathy in NJH Mumbai-Homoeopathy, for all Delhi-Homoeobuzz Delhi, for Stay fit Magazine Bangalur. She also wrote a book on homeopathy in Kannada.

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I need to get to get in touch with you for my 5 years old daughter who has been recently diagnosed with Dysplasia (right jaw bone). Please advice.
  Comment by: Dinesh Kampani, United States.    on May 21, 2012 3 Agree  |  0 Disagree       Report Abuse

Hi Dr. Suvarna, We reside in Toronto, Canada. Do you accept email or phone consultations..? Kindly advise. Thanks, RC
  Comment by: rc, Canada.    on Apr 02, 2012 23 Agree  |  0 Disagree       Report Abuse

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