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Short CV of Hahnemann

Homeopathic Journal :: Volume: 4, Issue: 10, Aug 2011 (New Papers)   -   from
Author : Dr. Nancy Malik, BHMS
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Article Updated: Sep 18, 2011

Homeopathy is non-toxic system of western medical science originated in Germany by Dr. Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann. He has to his credit more than seventy research papers on homeopathy in more than fifteen journals between the year 1781 and 1832. Hahnemann had mastered seven languages: German, Greek, English, French, Italian, Arabic and Latin.  He translated into German fifteen medical works from English, six books from French, one from italian and one from latin.

1755 10 April: The founder and father of homeopathy, Dr. Hahnemann was born in Germany.

1767: At the early age of twelve he helped his master to teach Greek [1]

1777: He translated the following books, all from English "John Stedman's Physiological Essays", "Nugent's Experiment of Hydrophobia" (150 pages), "Falconer on the waters of Bath", "Ball's modern practice of Physic"

1779 10 Aug: Dr. Hahnemann awarded M.D. with honours in conventional medicine from University of Erlangen defending his thesis "A consideration of the Etiology and Therapeutics of Spasmodic affections"

1781: His first research paper Small Essays in Medical Observations was published inKrebs Journal, Germany.

1784: He developed a test for detection of metals in a solution such as wine test for detection of lead in wine

1784: He wrote his first book Directions for Curing Old Sores and Ulcers (192 pages)

1791: He was elected member of Uekonomische Gesellschaft of Leipzig and also fellow of the Academy of Science of Mayence, Leipsic

1796: The Principle of Similars was published in his paper An essay on a new principle for ascertaining the curative powers of drugs & some examinations of the previous principle, Journal of Practical Medicine, volume 2, parts 3 & 4, pages 391-439 & 465-561, Germany.

1810: He wrote Organon 1st edition titled 'Organon of rational system of medicine":

1811: He wrote Materia Media Pura, edition 1, vol.1

1811: Hahnemann announced a 'Medical Institute' where a graduating physician would be taught a six-month course on homeopathy. But that did not bear fruit. So he resolved to give two lectures weekly on Wednesday and Saturday afternoon, from 2 to 3 'o' clock. That continued from 1812 to 1821

1812 June 26: Hahnemann presented a thesis in Latin "A Medical Historical Dissertation on the Helleborism of the Ancients" at University of Leipzig. He was appointed as faculty in university medical school

1821 April: Appointed private physician to Grand Duke Fredrick of Kothen

1828: The Chronic Diseases: their nature and homoeopathic treatment, 1stedition, vol. 1, 2 & 3

1829: Hahnemann celebrated his 50th anniversary of the awarding of his M.D. degree and over 400 physicians from Europe attended this gala celebration. A Society was then formed under the name - Society for the Promotion and Development of Homoeopathic Medicine with Hahnemann as its president. It was later called The Central Homoeopathic Union. The foundation of the Homoeopathic Society was confirmed by a diploma for every member

1843 July 2: Dr. Hahnemann died in France at the age of 88 after being ill of bronchitis for 6 weeks. On 11 July, he was cremated.  "I have not lived in vain" is the epitaph on his tomb in Montmartre cemetery in Paris.


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[2] Harsh Nigam, Life History of Samuel Hahnemann,

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Congratulations! a good details about the Founder of Homeopathy!!
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