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Family Planning and Homeopathy

Homeopathic Journal :: Volume: 2, Issue: 3, Jan 2009 (New Papers)   -   from Homeorizon.com
Author : Dr. Sanjay Singh, BHMS, MD(HOM)
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Article Updated: Oct 18, 2009

Birth control is an important matter of discussion in the present time. Almost all the countries of the world including our country, have greeted this control Researches are being under taken on this subject continuously for finding new methods.

          But all there are limited to the allopathic system of treatment only. They are engaged in the endeavor of making the methods of birth control simply by applying. Some where either oral medicines or surgery. Although they are claiming that no harm is caused to the users. Even though some harms are occurring. We have seen in the field of medicine that there are many people who suffer from different symptoms either after vasectomy tubectomy or by taking oral allopathic medicines. Although the Allopathic investigations have been trying to lessen these complications yet it is difficult for them to succeed in all cases. But we Homoeopaths have some such medicines by the application of which we can lessen some sufferings.

          Before telling about Homoeopathic contraceptive, I will like to explain that how the conception takes place.e.

More than lacs of sperms fall in to the vagina with semen at the time of copulation. These sperm move towards the uterus as soon as they fall into the vagina sperms were living in the alkaline semen. But the vaginal juice is Acid. So most of the sperms start dying in 1 or 2 hours after penetrating in to the vagina. Only few of those move quickly towards the cervix of the womb. Where they are capable of living because the juice of which is present there is alkaline. Then sperms move forwards after penetrating in to the womb. There are two tubes at each upper corner on the either side of uterus which are called fallopian tubes, free end of which remain is ovaries. The sperms then move through these tubes. In the ovaries ova comes out on 14th day of menstruation and arrangement for conception happens automatically by the union of ova and sperm. The union is called, "fertilization". Some times sperm die without being fertilized when egg arrives too late, then conception cannot happen. The life of sperm and ova is about 48 hours.

          Now question is, Have we any medicine for birth control in the field of Homoeopathic Medical Science? Many of the Mongrel section Homoeopathy believe that there is no medicine in Homoeopathy for birth control. But how it could be believed that there will be no medicines in a perfect natural science, which has given lives to many dying patients, by curing them of several maladies and has provided a shelter for in this world.d.

          Then by going through the books of world fame Homoeopaths, I realized that the power of conception is destroyed by the use of Homoeopathic medicines.

          Some of the famous Homoeopaths of the world have realized that Nat.mur. , Plumbum met., merc.sol. , Apis.mel. etc. are efficacious Homoeopathic drugs for birth control. Therapeutical value of these medicines is mentioned below.

Nat.mur. : - Sodium is present in each cell of the body. This Sodium after coming out of the internal juice of the cell and combining with the expanding chlorine forms the chloride of sodium, Sodium chloride or Nat.mur. produces acidic juice in combining with blood after penetrating in to body. It prevents forming of basic juice Sperms can not exist if basic juice of P. H. value rises for 7.8-8. Now it is our duty to increase the acidic juice in the vagina, then Sperms can not exist in it.

In this case the role of Nat.mur. is important, because it does not harm the body. I have realized by examination some women for a few months that the conception is delayed by taking Nat.mur. regularly.

Characteristics- The number of women having the characteristics of Nat.mur. Almost every body takes more or less salt. Falling of hair, constipation, Anemia and skin Diseases are often found in the women.

Directions for Use: - Dr. P. Banerjee has advised for using it Biochemic-preparation and he says, "staring for 2nd or 5th day of menstrual period Nat.mur- 3x (5 tablets at a time)" should be taken either with a little should be taken either with a little warm water or freely by sucking in the mouth regularly until the next menstruation is happened,

          In the Ist month - Nat.mur. 3x, 4 tablets at a time everyday in the evening.

          In the next month - Nat.mur. 6x 4 tablets at a time each day in the evening.

          In the next following months- Nat.mur. 12x, 4 tablets at a time each day in the evening.

          In the next following month- Nat.mur. 30x, 4 tablets at a time each day in the evening.

          In the next following month i.e. in the 5 month i.e. in the 5 month only one dose of Nat.mur. 1000 is to given on the 5th day. Only that one dose will do.

          Again in the month - i.e. 6th month - Nat.mur. 3x the 7th month- Nat.mur. 6x, 8th month 12x, 9th month 30x and 10th month Nat.mur. 1000 one dose. It is to be continued in this manner. But carefulness is necessary at the time ovulation. The quantity of Acidic juice in the vagina will increase by taking medicine and consequently. Spermatozoa will be destroyed.

          Now regarding the doses of Nat.mur. Dr. Boerick has preferred high potency with frequent repetition. Hence four doses of "Nat.mur. 200" taken by women on first, second, third and fourth day after the cessation of menstruation, produces such reactions that fertilization during the month become unlikely. These doses must be repeated after every menses till conception is not desired. This is most reliable, cheap and convenient method for contraception. This method is successfully in majority of the cases.

          Now, another question arises that what benefits will be experienced in women's body after taking Nat.mur. ? There will be free evacuation of the Bowels. The liver will be refreshed, leucorrhoea will be prevented, ovum will be released - but there is a less possibility of being conceived, skin disease will be cured, regular menstruation will occur and glamour of the body will increase.

Disserries of Nat.mur. : - The blood pressure may some times increase a little but that will be relieved by application of antidote medicines viz. Sepia or Camphor.

          Now another question rises that when will the effectiveness of Nat.mur. be perceived? Alter taking it for a few days, the women would perceive hotness in the vagina by the ejection of Semen during copulation which indicates the chemical action of the medicines, she had never experience such hot before.

Mercurius: - Dr. Kent has described this medicines in this material medica that women who have been in the habit of taking mercury for biliousness remain sterile.

          In the same way other medicines like Plumbum met. , Apis.mel. and Coffea are used as a contraceptive in Homoeopathy.

          At last we can say gladly the Homoeopathic medicines are good contraceptives, causing no complications.

          Therefore, I must care to say that Homoeopathic medicines are more superior and efficacious than the other system of medicines.  

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