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Aurum mur natronatum: and Tumors

Homeopathic Journal :: Volume: 2, Issue: 10, Aug, 2009 (General Theme)   -   from Homeorizon.com
Author : Dr. Ajit Singh, Homeopath
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Article Updated: Sep 02, 2009

Choloro-aurate of sodium                                 NaCl,AuCl32H2O

This remedy finds only a small mention in the routine materia medicas. It is recommended only in lower triturations in fibroids of uterus or so on. However, I could use it successfully in two cases. One was the case of Hypertension in a colleague homoeopath. After repertorisation  the above remedy appeared weakly in vis- a- vis polychrests. However, I decided in favor of this remedy and prescribed one dose of 200C. It cured the patient. The second case is of a 24 years’ unmarried female suffering from corrosive leucorrhoea, intense pains in lower legs, anemia and some other symptoms. This condition came on slowly after the death of her mother when she was only 16. Again, this remedy showed poorly after repertorisation., but, ailments from grief due to the death of mother is covered singularly in two grades in RADAR 9.1 by this medicine. Therefore, I gave her a dose of 200C, which restored her not only to health but cheered her up mentally. This tempted me to go through this medicine in detail through the following books:

1.      Hand Book of Materia Medica and Homoeopathic Therapeutics   Dr. T F Allen

2.      Special Symptomatology of the New Remedies                        Dr. Edwin M Hale

3.      The Guiding Symptoms of Materia Medica                               Dr. C Hering

4.      A Dictionary of Practical M M                                               Dr. J H Clarke

5.      1001 Small Remedies                                                          Dr. F Schroyens

6.      Materia Medica Viva Vol I                                                    Dr. G. Vithoulkas

7.      Complete Repertory  by Dr. Zandwoort                                  ISIS and CARA

8.      Synthetic Repertory 9.1                                                       RADAR


·         Boring pains are very marked in the pathogenesis of this salt.

·         Symptoms < from cold wet weather; from October to spring (headache).

·         Warts on tongue.

·         White stools (jaundice) caused by vexation.

·         Bright’s disease.

·         Chancres; ulcers; Warts. Bubo.

·         Enormous induration of an ovary. Induration of one part, softening of another part of the uterus. Corrosive leucorrhoea; pustules on genitals. Scirrhus or carcinoma of breast or uterus.

·         Old cases of rheumatism and gouty pains.

·         Scrofula.

·         All symptoms are < by rest.

·          “ Violent gastroenteritis, “ accompanied by cramps, convulsive trembling, insomnia, priapism and insensibility. The constipation is like that of Hydrastis, being accompanied with catarrh. Nervous dyspepsia with a tendency to diarrhoea after eating; in gastric or duodenal catarrh; with or without jaundice. “Congestion and irritation of uterus and ovaries, sub acute metritis, ovaritis,  profuse and premature menses, habitual abortion, nymphomania, ulceration of uterus, endocervicitis”.

·         The secondary effects are: “Atonic amenorrhoea, scanty and delaying menses, deficient sexual desire, sterlity from ovarian torpor, ovarian dropsy”.

·         Clarke says that this remedy has been proved but has been chiefly used on general aurum indications.

·          Burnett and Hale say that it has more power over uterine tumors than any other gold preparation.

·         It is anti sycotic and ANTI SYPHILITIC. Hering recommends it for MERCURIO-SYPHILITIC constitutions.

·         GENERAL MODALITIES: - It has desire for meat, salt, sour food and sweets. It is < on sitting and during rest. Motion >. Ailments from suppression of perspiration.  It is < Cold weather, wet weather. It is < from October to spring. Jaundice from vexation. Menses < before. She is > when busily occupied.

Vithoulkas has beautifully depicted this remedy in his book Meteria Medica Viva Vol I on the basis of abovenamed books. In addition to the above he says that Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum is another preparation of gold family that primarily affects the sexual hormone balance in the women. The sphere of the action is not entirely known but we have some indications from which we can draw some conclusions. It increases sexual passions in women to the point of nymphomania. Some of the women may indulge in illicit sex due to misplacement of love affair with a married man, which ends after some time due to one reason or the other. She represses her sexual desire and the exuberant flow of sex hormones is totally negated. This becomes one of the causes of various disorders in the women as mentioned above.

There are altogether 845 symptoms mentioned in Synthesis 9.1 repertory and less no. of symptoms given in complete repertory. I give some of the mental and general symptoms with valuation of grade 2.:

Mentals :

Ailments from: anger; suppressed grief; anticipation; death of mother; disappointment in love; excessive parental control over children; emotional excitement; grief; jealousy; mortification and being scorned at.
Ambition increased.
Anxiety of conscience;  about future;  menses before;  others for.
Cares full of.
Company aversion to, > when alone. 
Death,  desire for.
Delusion, of being forsaken.
Discontentment with everything.
Dwell on past disagreeable happenings.
Fear of impending disease; crowd; high places; narrow places and people.
Grief, silent, from disappointed love affair. Hatred, of persons who have offended her.
Horrible stories affect her.
Indifference, pleasure to.
Irritability, trifles at. Before menses.
Laughing at serious matters.
Loathing of life.
Love misplaced.
Music >.
Occupation,> when busy.
Playing, aversion to in children.
Reproaching self.
Sadness, grief from.
Sad, love disappointed from.
Weeping < consolation.

I am sorry that I could not give all the symptoms of the above remedy but I want to motivate the profession to explore the full potentials of Aur.Mu.Nat and use it where it is indicated homoeopathically.


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