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Role of Pyrogen in Blood Poisoning

Homeopathic Journal :: Volume: 5, Issue: 4, Feb 2012 (New Papers)   -   from Homeorizon.com
Author : Dr. Srikant Tomar, Homeopath
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Article Updated: Feb 29, 2012


About drug

Name : Pyrogen

Introduced in : 1880


Preperation : "A nosode drug " it is a product of sepsis (septic pus )


  1. Pyrogen is the well known for septic fever since 1888 when Dr.Burnett published it in his writing. He used to prescribe it in 3C dilution.
  2. Blood poisoning: It is the condition in which the blood gets infected and produces different manifestation on the external body .This condition is known as "septicemia".

Some common sign/symptom of blood poisoning:-

  • High fever.
  • Chill & violent shivering
  • If it left un treated, then the bacteria can produces toxic effects:-
    • Septic shock
    • Faintness
    • cold pale hand and feet
    • restless and irritable
    • rapid shallow breathing
    • delirium and some time loss of consciousness
  • Person of any age can get affected but children and elderly people are more prone; it is commonly treated by using Intra venous drugs.

Indications of pyroginum

This is very important medicine in homoeopathy which plays a important role in controlling the infection. It should be only used when well indicated medicine fail to cause complete cure.

As we all know that it a nosode drug thus it should be prescribed very carefully, the prescription should follow the 9 rule of the prescription.

"When the best selected remedy fail to relieve or permanently remove". analogous into the action of Psora and Sulphur in other condition. -H.C.Allen

This medicine is indicated for all type of septic states when blood is disorganized.

Important indications are

There is sore lame bruised feeling all over the body and the discharge is very offensives.


  1. Active mind, making speech and article at night
  2. Desired to be rocked.
  3. Bed feels too hard to sleep, restless and delirium with fever.
  4. Delirium that his part for the body are scattered at bed, sensation as if he is covering the whole bed.
  5. Disgust at his own body order


  1. Sensation as if heart is enlarged and full of blood, patient feels as if the heart is pumping the cool water.
  2. Pulsation increase out of proportion to increase of temperature.

Gastro intestinal tract

  1. Tongue is red dry, cleaned, cracked and smooth as if varnished, brown streak at center.
  2. Coldness, chilliness in stomach. Vomiting of water as soon as it gets warm in stomach (persisting brownish vomiting, offensive smelling bile or bloody vomiting or like coffee ground)
  3. Diarrhoea with fever due to septic condition (black-brown stool)
  4. Very offensive carrion like smell, some of the time patient may complain of haemorrhage from anus.

Dr. Burnett has cured a case of anal fistula with this medicine -5C 5drop in water at night and morning


  1. Fever at every menstrual period, menses is bright red and clotted.
  2. Menses are too short that it may only last for a day.
  3. Septicemia may cause abortion.


  1. Violent chill begin at the back felt in between the scapula.
  2. Sweating does not cause any relief in temperature.
  3. This medicine is best indicated in break bone like fever.


  1. Small cut or injuries become swollen and inflamed.
  2. Ulcers with bloody discharge.
  3. Lymphangitis with red streak on the skin.
  4. Bed sore during fever.

Being a good drug for Septicemia The physician should be very careful & full investigation should be done as an unprejudiced observer. As this medicine is Nosode the physician should follow 9 rule for the prescription of this medicine.

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very good information about the remedy Pyrogen-a good drug for septicaemia.
  Comment by: Dr.paul murugan, India.    on Oct 25, 2014 0 Agree  |  1 Disagree       Report Abuse

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