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Medorrhinum: The Eternal Explorer

Homeopathic Journal :: Volume: 2, Issue: 12, Oct, 2009 (Centre Stage)   -   from Homeorizon.com
Interview with : Mati H. Fuller, D. I. Hom. (pract)
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Article Updated: Nov 21, 2009

Dr. Singh: Hello Dr. Mati, How are you?

Dr. Mati: I am fine Dr. Singh. What are we talking about today?

Dr. Singh: Today, we are going to talk about Medorrhinum.How can we describe Medorrhinum personality?

Dr. Mati: As usual, we have to relate Medorrhinum's personality to the original story that goes with the remedy profile. In Medorrhinum's story, he was most likely some kind of prince waiting for the king to die. He is supposed to take over the king's position after his death, and he isn't quite sure how he actually feels about it. On one hand, he loves being in charge, but on the other hand, he hates having to be predictable, responsible and to do what is expected of a king. He is not even sure if he can manage the task, but he won't tell anyone because he doesn't want anyone else to take over the position instead. (Hiding his feelings is typical for the sycotic miasm).

Medorrhinum doesn't feel good waiting for the king to die. He suffers from anticipation anxiety, and he becomes so restless that he is pacing around the room. The waiting seems to take forever; it feels like time is standing still and Medorrhinum can't stand it! It is the 'not knowing' that bothers him the most, as well as the worry about how taking over the king's position is going to cut into his independence.

Medorrhinum loves his independence more than anything! He is like a teenager who just wants to have fun, and who doesn't want any serious responsibility put on his shoulders, even though he is perfectly capable of being in charge if he has to. He knows that at some point he will have to be more responsible, but he just doesn't feel ready, and that is why he is feeling so troubled and confused over the whole issue.

He loves traveling and exploring, that is why we can call Medorrhinum 'the eternal explorer', since he never seems to get tired of doing so. And, traveling and exploring is also a great escape from mundane duties and responsibilities.

What underlies Medorrhinum's anguish is a lack of confidence in his own capabilities. Therefore, Medorrhinum often prefers it if others are in charge, at least as long as they are doing a great job. If they are not doing a great job, Medorrhinum can all of a sudden put himself in charge instead and start controlling the whole situation.

Dr. Singh: How does Medorrhinum behave when in relationship?

Dr. Mati: The tendency to either avoid all responsibility, or all of a sudden wanting to take charge, makes Medorrhinum very unpredictable in relationships. Medorrhinum's partner never knows what to expect, and in addition, Medorrhinum is so independent that he doesn't easily act as if he is in 'a couple.' This can often make Medorrhinum's mate feel like Medorrhinum doesn't care, or that he doesn't put enough 'energy' into the relationship. Medorrhinum's also have a peculiar contradiction in their personality that can affect any relationship negatively - they sometimes have fixed ideas one moment and the next moment they change their minds.

Dr. Singh: One moment he has fixed ideas and the other second he changes his mind; why is Medorrhinum so unpredictable?

Dr. Mati: The reason why Medorrhinum is so unpredictable is closely related to their need for independence, as well as their tendency to want to be in control. Even though they don't feel ready to take on responsibility of any kind, they are perfectly capable of being in charge or in control if the situation should require it. So, they often vacillate between the two opposites, like a pendulum swinging from one side to the other, and then back again.

When they are in control, we often see very fixed ideas. Medorrhinum wants what he wants, and that's that. But, if he becomes bored or distracted, or simply tired of being in charge, he can easily change his mind at any time and go off in a totally different direction. They also have a tendency to escape from any kind of uncomfortable situations, especially if they are feeling hurt. This is such a core part of the Medorrhinum personality that it must be accepted as normal for Medorrhinum.

Dr. Singh: What are his core delusions?

Dr. Mati: The core delusion is tightly connected to Medorrhinum's anticipation anxiety. When looking at the original situation, Medorrhinum is waiting for someone to die, in other words, something horrible is going to happen, and Medorrhinum is still suffering from the same delusion. In relationships, Medorrhinum becomes incredibly worried if his mate is gone, and she is supposed to be back at a certain time, and she doesn't show up. This triggers Medorrhinum's core situation again, where he is waiting for someone to die, and he immediately becomes worried that something terrible has happened to his mate as well. And because he is so focused on the possibility that someone is going to die, he often becomes so sensitive to this issue that he can easily get psychic premonitions about people dying before it happens. This is why Medorrhinum is among the more clairvoyant remedies, and I believe that most Medorrhinums have this ability, especially if they have encounters with sick or dying people.

Dr. Singh: For coping up with her life problems what changes in thinking and behavior should she inculcate?

Dr. Mati: Medorrhinum's biggest problem coping with life has to do with his tendency to worry about what is going to happen in the future, and we can also add that his lack of patience is adding to the problem. Medorrhinum always wants everything NOW, and they simply cannot wait for anything because they can't stand not knowing what the future will bring. If Medorrhinum wants to cope better with his life challenges, he must learn to control his impatience and take a 'wait and see' approach to life. This, of course, is much easier said than done, because it is the mind that worries, and the mind can easily convince you that there is good reason to worry. The only solution is really to learn to live more in the moment, because mind can only exist in the past or in the future.

Dr. Singh: What are her good and bad sides?

Dr. Mati: To summarize, Medorrhinum is a remedy, full of contradictions. They tend to go from one extreme to another, they tend to hide their feelings at times, and they are not easy people to live in relationships with. They are unpredictable, defiant and irresponsible one moment, but they can also be caring, loving, responsible and predictable the next moment. They are often full of surprises and fun to be around, and they usually have a great appetite for life, traveling and exploration. Therefore, we can probably say with certainty that the Medorrhinum personality will only appeal to people who appreciates a lot of change in their lives.

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