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Genius of Calcarea Carb

Homeopathic Journal :: Volume: 4, Issue: 5, Mar, 2011 (General Theme)   -   from Homeorizon.com
Author : Dr. B.S. Suvarna, B.A., D.I. (HOM.), M.I.H., Ph.D. (ITALY, GOLD MEDALIST), PGDPC (psychotherapy&counseling)
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Article Updated: Mar 21, 2011

Source and Nature of the remedy :

Calcarea carbonica, commonly known as the mineral calcium carbonate, is another most important polycrest remedy. In its pure form it is an insoluble, white powder of formula caco. The abberivation is calc.carb. Hahnemann chose as the source of this remedy, the ground middle layer of the oyster shell. This soft white layer is secreted by the oyster as fine crystalline calcium carbonate with traces of other minerals, such as magnesium carbonate. In this sence calcarea carbonica could well be classified not as a mineral, but of animal origin. It is also known, therefore as calcarea ostearm.

The constitutional aspects of this remedy are most important and are often the main guide to its selection "treating the patient rather than the disease". Catherin coulter captured the image of the calcarea carbonica thype of patient by likening them to the oyster itself cold, pale, moist, limp and inactive with large, sweaty hands and cold, clammy handshakes. The shell of the oyster representing the thick, impenetrable cover protecting the defenceless person within the pearl growing as a mark of the polished and delicate beauty completes the overall nature of the patient.

Calcarea carbonica people who are most likely to respond to this remedy are shy, sensitive, easily, embarrassed, languid and easily tried. Physically they might have blonde hair with blue eyes [if pulsatilla] and have a pale complexion. They are often ovese and through the complexion is pale and waxy, the face may at times be reddish. Calcarea carbonica infants may appear to be flabby and pasty faced with constant sweating, particularly round the head, the child may be lethargic.

Generally calcarea carbonica people are over weight and look unfit. Particularly in adolescence they shun mental effort and appear dull or timid, fretful and obstinate fear the dark and are easily startled by noise. The are excessively chill people and are averse to the open air and cold droughts, liking to be overclothed, sudden sweats are another feature brought on by exertion, fear or excitement. They are susceptible to catching colds and dislike fatty foods.

Modalities :

The modalities of this remedy may be anticipated from the strong constitutional aspects. Calcarea carbonica patients experience aggravations from cold air, cold water and draoghts, wet weather in the dark mental or physical exertion, standing, water and at night and particularly around 2pm. Ameliorations are experienced in dry weather and when lying on affected side. Calcium has a multiplicity of functions in the metabolism of the body. Since the balance of calcium i9n the body, being the main and essential constituent of bones is critical properly administer calcarea carbonica can correct imbalances, which lead to a wide range of disorders most effectively. This is compatible with its choice largely on a constitutional basis.

Therapeutically calcarea carbonica is therefore of wide application and insofar as a clear therapeutic index is possible in view of the fore going we may mention distended abdomen, appetive carving, loss of appetite, backache, chillness, debilitity, giddiness, fear, fatigue, menstrual disorder, nauasea, obesity, perpiration, rheumataism, ringworm, teething, toothache, weakness and mental fatigue.

Broyonia Alba is a strong antidote and should not precede calcarea carbonica and sulphur should not follow it. Other antidotes are Ipeccuanha, Nuxvomica and Sepia Belladinna is a complementary remedy.

Repetition of the remedy is often linked with age more frequent with young people and less frequent for the aged. It may be slow in its action.

The keynotes of calcarea carbonica are:

  • Obesity
  • Chillness
  • Mental or physical fatigue
  • Nutritional disorders.

The material medica describes calcarea carbonica as Hahnemann's great antipsoric constitutional remedy.


  1. Ailments, rudeness of others.
  2. Ailments, sexual excess after.
  3. Anxiety, cruelties after hearing of.
  4. Anguish.
  5. Anxiety, thoughts form.
  6. Aversion, members of the family to.
  7. Cofusion, eating after reading while etc.
  8. Delusion of ugly faces.
  9. Delusion that he has an incurable disease.
  10. Delusion that he'll become insane.
  11. Delusion that he'll be murdered.
  12. Delusion of being sick.
  13. Despair of recovery.
  14. Desire to go home.
  15. Dipsomania.
  16. Dream as if in a.
  17. Dullness from damp weather.
  18. Egotism self esteem.
  19. Excitement bad news after.
  20. Excitement after coition.
  21. Excitement hearing horrible things after.
  22. Fancies lascivious.
  23. Fancies going to sleep on.
  24. Fear of consumption.
  25. Fear of death, fear of evil, fear of something will happen, fear of insanity, fear of poverty, fear arising from stomach.
  26. Frightened before menses, frightened roused when hatred, imbecility, indifferent to his duties, indifferent about his recovery, industrious before menses, irritability before stool and after coition light, desire for magnetized, desire to be, mental work, aversion to mischievous, mistakes, speaking in mood changible, music aggravation, obstinacy in fat children, offended easily, optimistic.

Patients get aggravated while narrating his symptoms, religious affection wants to read holy scripture all day reserved talk indisposed to restlessness, just after faintness. Sensitive in the evening, hearing of cruelties, music, shrill sound on going to sleep redness. Slowness in calculation, spits, barks and bites desire for spitting in faces of people, starting before the commencement of menses, timidity full of irresolution, weeping tearful mood.

General Symptoms :

Acidity adhesion of inner part sensation as if appetite increased, alternating with loss of appetite. Appetite increased just before headache, appetite raverous after the episode of epilepsy, appetite with marmasmus, appetite wanting after exertion. Brittle bones caries calculi formation of atheroma cold susceptible to cracks, fissures, chaps etc. crusts, scabs, desquamation, branny, scaly etc. desire for lime, coal, earth, indigestible foods, pencil, chalks, clay etc. emaciation with appetite in fantile marasmus, heaviness internally hemorrhage inactive after coition. Masturbation ill effect of mucus secretion increased, obesity in children, puffiness, reaction lack of spasm, convulsion, suppuration, abscess, throbbing, pulsation trembling, tumer, trembling from fear, warts, fungi, condylomata and proud flesh, wheals, hives, urticaria.


She feels pain in her breasts before the menses commence, uterine or right ovarian pain extending down to thighs is heightened by writing and reading. Sweating gives no easement, bloody sweating sciatica evolves after working in water, gout appears from long continued wetting.

Joints crack and crepitate as they are dry. The epileptic aura generating from the celiac plexus, disseminates around followed by convulsion the aura. Sometimes runs down to uterus or lower limbs feeling of something rising from stomach to head and he faints soon after. Menses occur every fortnight with backache and great prostration.

Deafness after suppression of intermittent fever with quinine. Epistaxis in the morning and night which often causes swoon, coryza and abdominal pain alternate. Sensations as if all his teeth are longer and looser, tongue is painted with a white film. Violent thirst at night easy flow of prostatic fluid just after micturation. Corns on food with burning pain as if excoriated. He dreams of sick and dead persons. Quartidian fever at 14hours with yawning and cough, nocturnal sweat primarily on the chest.


  1. Delusion of some one walking beside her.
  2. Hallucinations of cats and other animals.
  3. She cant help weeping, whenever she's admonished.
  4. More the anxiety, more the nausea.
  5. Ailments from egotism.
  6. He is taciturn with dry tongue.
  7. Despair of salvation that leads him to stab himself.
  8. The head is affected as soon as the bleeding of piles is checked.
  9. Headache is bettered by mental occupation riding on horseback and caused after the suppression of itch.
  10. Cold feeling on the top of head.
  11. Head perspiration walking in the open air in the morning.
  12. Nostrils are dried up at night, but moist during the whole of day.
  13. Toothache soon after menses, drawing and stitching in character day and night aggravated by movement of head to left, right or backward.
  14. Bleeding from the gum starts when the menses is suppressed.
  15. Sensation as if the food is lodged inside the esophagus.
  16. Appetite increases soon after eating and getting up in the morning.
  17. Nausea, smoking after.
  18. Urethral pain after getting wet.
  19. Sensation of wet stockings being set on his foot.
  20. Chronic diarrhea or tumor develops as the after effect of burn.
  21. Dismemorrhea is intensified by excitement.


Anxiety and fright, ascending up, bathing, working in water climaxis, cloth pressure, coition cold in general, dentition, discharge, supperession of drinking, drought of air, cold air, dust, feather, wool, soot etc. early morning, midnight eating, eye strain, food milk, hanging limbs, heat of sun labor, mentaland physical, lifting weight. Light looking up, loss of vital fluid, lying side, menses before, moon - full and new at solstice. Motion walking oft - repeated sexual meet or masturbation, skin eruption supperession of sleep after standing up, stoping, talking, turning head, wet weather, change of weather.


bending forward, breakfasst after darkness, discharge dry weather, fever during laying down, laying on back, laying painful side, rubbing, scratching, massaging, magnetism, mesmerism, sneezing uncovering.


The medicine at the time of proving, produces some sorts of dysfunction in the process of ossification causing defective bone formation. It delays dentition. The curvatures of spine and long bones are gradually developed which the patient cant walk or stand properly for nails corrugate more sweating on head when the patient is asleep, wetting the pillow far flung. All discharge from the body smell of sour.


He is too weak to move or to think a little labor makes him short of breath. Even writing for a while is not possible for him due to profound debility. He can not execute the deeper brain work now which he was used to doing just before the disease started.

Hoarseness emerges more in morning hours. The discharge follows fast as soon as the errection of penis rises up. Bad effect of long continued masturbation in early puberty. Weakness, coition after soon aftercoition he develops palpitation, profuse sweating, trembling and confusion. Total impotency of the young man.

Capital symptoms : they are:

  1. Delusion some one walking beside him.
  2. Fear of poverty
  3. Desire to be magnetized.

If one were to combine these three symptoms he would get calcarea carbonica alone. Calcarea carbonica was therefore prescribed in 1M potency. It cured the patient in a very short time the name of the patient is changed to maintain personal privacy.

Sensation of coldness in internal parts the surface of the chist is too sensitive even when the doctor puts his stethoscope on profuse sweat with coldness of the lower extremities. More sweat on the male genital organ, painful corns on soles. The ulcer is excoriated and raw. Leucorrhoea of the little girls, craving for earth, lime, clay, charcoal, pencil, match sticks, chalk, eggs, salt, alcohol, dainties and numberless inedible substances and fatty foods.

I at one time had an occasion to cure a migraine of about eight years duration with calcarea carbonica. The only symptom peculiar to her was the strong desire for kerosene oil and he used to take it daily. As I did not get the specific rubric in repertory, I used "food, lime, slate, pencils, earth, chalk, clay etc, desire for", thinking it to be an analogous to the rubric. The rubric, desire for kerosene oil is likely to be absent in all repertories I have ever gone through calcarea carbonica predominantly affects the right side of the human body but some times it affects the left neck, left side of chest and left upper extremity and left sciatica nerve.

Incrude state calcarea carbonica is marely an inert substance but when it is potentized it gets huge power of healing the sick. He is obese and good looking, susceptized to cold and tried easily. The calcarea carbonica boy grows uo too fast, he is used to voiding stool once or twice in a weak. Tendency to glandular swelling - cervical, parotid, axillary, maxillary, facial etc, associated with otorrhea and portial deafness, glands are hard and nodular. Desire for magnetism suppuration tendency too, soft spot of the skull which is called fontanelles remains unclosed for a longer period. The head is bigger and the abdomen bulging out emaciation. I got some cases similar to junenile diabetes, when they were too much emaciated and that condition also responded well to the use of calcarea carbonica. The medicine at the time of proving, produces some sorts of dysfunction. It delays dentition the curvatures of spine and long bonesare gradually developed which the patient can't walk or stand properly for nail corrugate, more sweating on head, when the patient is asleep, wetting the pillow far flung. All discharges from the body smell or sour.


Babies moan and groan after taking vaccination, vomiting of milk followed by anorexia. Desire for hard boiled or soft boiled egg. When anyone is perssurised to get up early in the morning, he develops a kind of respiratory distress very rapid respiration. Maximum numbers of calcarea carbonica patients are fat but a significant numbers are skinny, too skinny. The skin is thick and coarse.

Love for religion develops just before the puberty. He always talks about god and his existence, but as soon as he grows up, he becomes less interested in religion, we usually hear from many gentlemen that their sons were more attracted in religion at their teens, were they treated with calcarea carbonica. I believe they would get good result in all of theie diseases. Dispite huge obesity he is adroit in sexual performance. He is not fast but systematic and disciplined. Craving for sweets and specially sugar, the calcarea carbonica child has got night mare, he wakes up scraming. He fears the mouse, cancer, insanity and thunder storm. Anxiety about future pessimist.

Some Sensible Features

Fear of height is very strong in calcarea carbonica. He can't bear to look at the people working on the top of a multi storied building or any sky high tower. Fear that something damaging will happen. Menses too early, too profuse, too long lasting, cramp in extremities. She can't get into a cold bed, pain in small of back as if sprained. Lifting the light material is also bore some, or it aggravates the trouble. Sensation of a tight bandage around his waist, children with cold feet, bony extremities and pale face. He gets frightened easily at night and after sleep. He becomes thristy just before the epileptic attack. Sensation as if a mouse is running across the limbs, born tired, poly nasal, rectal, urethral, vaginal etc. the external surface of the body is cold as reptiles. Some times body is hot but perspiration is cold or body is hot but extremities are cold.

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I really enjoy
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