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50 LM Potency

Homeopathic Journal :: Volume: 4, Issue: 8, Jun 2011 (General Theme)   -   from Homeorizon.com
Author : Dr. Ajit Singh, Homeopath
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Article Updated: Jul 03, 2011

50 millesimal scale of Potency

1796 was the year of birth of homeopathy, and Hahnemann was one of the seven scientists, who were acknowledged as the best scientists of the time. His motto was put in one sentence, "The similar should be cured through the similar."

"Progress is the law of Nature, because every progress carries us closer to perfection. This is applicable to everything and to science as well. Homeopathy, being medical, science has been progressing as long as Hahnemann, its founder, was alive. The last gift of the Master physician of homeopathy is LM scales of potency. After going through this last discovery one wonders at the marvelous genius of the Master and asks oneself in astonishment what next? But the progress of the Organon probably stopped with the demise of the Master, and the Providence did not give the second Hahnemann to homeopathy."

Dr. James Tyler Kent and Homeopathy: Kent who wielded a great influence on homeopathy because of his untiring zeal and hard work. He was diligent and is said that in homeopathics he was second only to the Master. Dr. David Flores Toledo said, "Hahnemann structured the doctrine, and Kent placed it within the reach of the practitioner……." It is a great mishap in homeopathy that Kent was not aware of the 6th edition of the Organon because it was published after his death, so he did not know the last and most valuable discovery of the Master. He used only Centesimal scales of potencies as per 4th and 5th edition of the Organon, therefore the whole profession followed him as he was the most revered teacher in homeopathy after the death of the Master.

Dr. Pierre Schmidt of Geneva published a booklet by the name of 'Hidden Treasure of 6th edition of Organon' and tried to make it reach every homeopath. But mostly the homeopathic fraternity showed a skeptical attitude to adopt the new method in practice. In the most famous words of Dr. Kent, "Let all men learn from him (Hahnemann) until they can do as he (Hahnemann) did, for he (Hahnemann) was, and still he (Hahnemann) is the teacher above all others." Prejudice and conservatism are reactionary trends and retard evolutionary process. Rationality must prevail over individual limitations and prejudices.

And the other important factor is that our pharmacies have not made available L M potencies in the market even till date.

A prelude to the 'new altered but improved method'. ( LM Potencies)

Homeopathy was overburdened with problems up to the 5th edition of Organon, i.e. up to centesimal scale of potency. Hahnemann was successful in removing these difficulties in the 6th edition of the Organon. Centesimal scales of potency cause undesirable reactions of the vital force. It is solved in the news method. The new method does not assail the patient but the disease, i.e. it does not cause aggravation in the original disease but starts amelioration, and remedy can be repeated fruitfully and safely and does not leave the homeopath in suspense and waiting as to when to give the next dose.

50 millesimal scales of potency are a new scales of dynamisation in which crude substance is raised in to medicine of highest development of power at the same time mildest in its action. The former state is attained by hundred progressive succussions and the latter by attenuating the medicinal substance to the dilutent at the ratio of 1:50,000. The highest medicinal power and frequent repetition of the same in modified degree of potency is capable of extracting the disease force from the sick person quickly, permanently and gently by its low material content.

Disadvantage of C scale (What the Master had observed in the last years of his life)

  • These lower potencies are not adequate to stimulate a healing reaction.
  • This potency takes long time in curing disease. (So, a rapid cure is not possible with this potency.
  • Higher potencies give undesirable medicinal aggravation.
  • Single dose of high potency continues to act for a time than it is necessary making the physician wait to achieve a positive outcome.
  • If the result is not desirable, the patient suffers unnecessarily will not wait for the physician giving another prescription, and may go elsewhere.
  • In this scale of potency the physician is left in confusion as to which potency to administer even after selection of a similimum. There will always be a controversy rising between two homeopaths over the selection of potency.

Advantage of LM over C

  • Rapid and gentle ideal of cure of acute and chronic diseases (the greatest boon to the profession.) The course of treatment may be minimized to one-half, one-quarter or even more less.
  • Requires no antidote
  • Highest development of power (the most powerful in action.)
  • Mildest reaction (can be safely administered even in most fatal cases without fear.)
  • Frequent repetition permissible (Even long acting medicines may be repeated when necessary.)
  • Observation is very easy (observation of the pt. after administration of medicine is very.)
  • The new scale of potency is especially useful today in the 'psycho-therapeutic age' with all sorts of mental and emotional disturbances; there is a great need to speed up healing.

Hyper Sensitive Patients as Caspar Hauser

The new method may be especially beneficial to the hyper patients especially take the case of Caspar Hauser: The special interest to homoeopathists in the historic case of Caspar Hauser lies in the fact that he exemplifies a sensitiveness to remedies which occurs in many persons to a degree only somewhat less exaggerated than his. And the reason I refer here to the case is to show that strength of dose, in the allopathic sense, has not necessarily anything to do with either the causation or the cure of conditions.

An attempt is sometimes made to explain homeopathic action on the hypothesis that remedies "have opposite effects in large and small doses", and that, consequently, homoeopathic remedies cure in small doses what they cause in large ones.
This argument is very specious on the face of it, but cases like that of Caspar Hauser upset it entirely. For all the remedies were given to him in more or less infinitesimal form, and yet they produced not only curative but pathogenetic or disease symptoms, and it was not necessary for him even to take the remedy - olfaction was quite sufficient to set up their action. The 30th centesimal potency of Hahnemann represents one decisional part of the original substance. Understanding this, let us take one or two examples of the action of remedies on this youth. I quote Dr. Dudgeon's account:
"Smelling at the 30th dilution of Sepia caused a great number of the symptoms recorded by Hahnemann and some others. The voice became rough, as from catarrh. Speech was slow; gait unsteady. In the afternoon a febrile attack like that recorded in the pathogenesis of Sepia. Sudden, burning eruption on the neck that declined towards evening. Face very red, veins of arms and hands distended. When walking in the evening felt as though ants crawled up his legs to the pit of the stomach, when he felt pressure on the chest; profuse sweat, pain in the limbs. The febrile attack lasted an hour, and ended with a violent rigor. Great prostration next day, pressure in the forehead. In bed, before falling asleep, tearing pains in joints and other parts of the body. Night-sweat so profuse he had to change his night-shirt. Second day, in evening, ringing like a bell in right ear, with headache; then he felt as if a drop fell down on the right side of the head, whereupon the ringing ceased but the headache increased."(Dr. J H Clarke)

I am lead to think if the new potency is administered to such a hyper patient it may prove to be different in action than the description given above, because the above description illustrates the action of centesimal potency.

Preparation of LM scale

Homoeopathic system of medicine uses the inner medicinal powers of crude substances for its therapeutic use. Substances in the crude state sometimes will not show any evidence of medicinal power. But the peculiar process owned to Homoeopathy called dynamisation or potentisation develops the inner medicinal virtues of crude substance in to dynamical powers efficiently making it for therapeutic use. This is effected by the process of intense friction of fixed quantity of medicinal substance with un-medicinal substance either by the process of rubbing in the case of dry substances or by shaking (succussion) in the case of fluid substances.

There are different scales of dynamisation. Out of this Hahnemann says the best development of power is attained by the method 50 millesimal scales. Preparation of LM scale is detailed in Aph.270-271 (footnotes 150 to157) of sixth edition of Organon.

Duration of medicinal efficiency.

The medicinal globule will retain their medicinal virtues for many years, if protected from sunlight and heat.

The method of dispensing the medicine to patient

A globule of high potency is crushed in a few grains of sugar of milk which the patient can put in a vial and be dissolved in requisite quantity of water. (F.N to aph. 248).  It can also be dispensed by the physician after making a medicinal solution.

Preparation of 50 millesimal scales.
The mode of preparation according to the new method has not yet found any place in any Homoeopathy Pharmacopoeia. We think that the actual cause of it is to try to discredit tactfully the 6th edition of the Organon also the new and improved method. We have nothing to bother for that, because Hahnemann himself clearly enunciated about the mode of preparation in the Aphorisms 270-271 and their footnotes (NO. 150 to 157) of the Organon.

Incidentally, it is also to be noted that there is no conformity between the mode of preparation of centesimal and 50 Millesimal scale of potencies. The new one is absolutely new and different.

The mode of preparation is given below in brief since the details can be had from the Organon (sixth) itself:

- We should prepare three successive trituration (i.e. 1st, 2nd and 3rd trituration) from the original substance (or mother substance) the ratio of each will be 1:100.

- Take one rain from 1 rd trituration and dissolve it (by necessary shaking) in 500 drops of a solution having 100 drops of alcohol and 400 drops of distilled water. This is the 4th stratum. We call this stage the mother Potency of the New Method. The ratio is 1:500.

- One drop from this 4th stage is to be mixed with 100 drops of alcohol. This is to be succussed 100 times. This is the 1st potency (or M/1 or 0/1 or 0/1 or LM/1, etc.) of the new method. Proportion is 1:50.000.
- With one drop of this 1st potency (i.e. LM/1) 500 globules (of which 100 weigh one grain, i.e., No. 10 globules) are to be soaked. Then put one such medicated globule in a one drachm vial and put in it one drop of distilled water for its dissolution. Then put 100 drops of alcohol in the vial and success it 100 times. This is the 2nd Potency (i.e. LM/2) of the new method. The ratio of it s 1:50.000 or more.
- In this way the dilution may be raised from LM/3 to LM/30 or as needed.

- In this new process of potentisation or dynamisation ('succussed dilution' may be the correct term) six steps are to be crossed from original substance (or mother substance) to LM/2.

1st: Original substance - 1 drop (1 grain) + 100 grains of sugar of milk + 1 hour trituration by grinding, pounding, scrapping etc.
This is 1st trituration = 1/100.

2nd: 1st trituration 1 gr. + 100 gr. sugar of milk + 1 hour trituration = 2nd trituration.
 = 1/100   X   1/100   =   1/10.000

3rd: 2nd trituration 1 gr. + 100 gr. sugar of milk + 1 hour trituration = 3rd trituration.

4th: 3rd trituration 1 gr. + 500 drops of the solution (100 drops alcohol and 400 drops distilled water).
= 1/10.00.000   X   1/500   =   1/
we call it mother power of new potency.
5th: 1 drop of the 4th solution + 100 drops of alcohol + 100 succussions = LM/1. the 1st potency.
= 1/   X   1/100   =   1/ 000
6th : One No. 10 globule soaked with LM/1 + 1 drop of distilled water + 100 drops of alcohol + 100 succussions = 2nd potency.
or LM/2 = 1/  X  1/50.000  = 1/2.
In this way, LM/3 onwards will have to be prepared and potentised.

In the centesimal scale the proportion of medicine and the vehicle is 1:99 in the first potency and in the new method it is 1: in the first potency (i.e., in LM/1). The material part of medicinal substance has been more decreased in the new method but grinding, pounding and succussions, etc., have been much more increased. As a result the latent and indwelling essence of material substance develops to its fullest extent and also the qualitative change reaches its highest form. In short, we may confirm that this new method of the Organon, latest edition, goes through much more contradiction in long 3 hours trituration and 100 succussions in each stage and so gains much qualitative change which was not possible in the old centesimal scale of potency. When a matter (e.g. Medicinal substance) comes into unity and contradiction with its opposite matter (e.g. Vehicle), it creates a new thing, it transforms into a wholly new matter (unity contradiction of opposites) and it changes qualitatively (qualitative change). These are the fundamental principles of Dialectical Materialism. This qualitative change may further be confirmed if we take into account the 'Law of Reaction' which states. "To every action there is equal and opposite reaction". In this new method, every time the medicine goes through 100 times of succussions which impart kinetic energy to the molecules of the drug and vehicle resulting in its qualitative change. This is why medicines according to 50 millesimal scale are much more dynamic and in action also much more gentle, curative and rapid than those of the old centesimal scale.

We earnestly hope this discussion will remove all doubts and misapprehensions from the minds of our colleagues. But to our great misfortune, we still stick to the medicines of centesimal scale. We do not care to keep ourselves informed of this scientific and more improved invention of Master Hahnemann. We also do not care to put it into practice though we might be aware of it. Is it not our negligence towards suffering humanity?

Is it only so? Even today many of us unscrupulously use patents, ointments, tonics and other pseudo-homoeopathic drugs manufactured by many so-called Homeo Laboratories. Still now many of our colleagues have been using mixed medicines, mother tinctures, medicines of decimal scale, etc., in the name of great Homoeopathy. Some of our brothers prescribing 2 to 6 potentised homoeopathic medicines serially within a day. These are what is going in the name of Homoeopathy. It would not be out of place to mention here that Hahnemann called these sorts of Homoeopaths a mongrel sect' and did not hesitate even to curse them in anger and sorrow. 10.

Crude matter cannot unfold its properties. They remain latent. But the more it is broken and divided, the more it will be brought into contradiction with things of opposite nature, the more it will release its properties and it will be all the more dynamic and active.

Hahnemann has given similar explanation about the potentisation of medicines in his 'perfected method'. "It becomes uncommonly evident that the material part by means of such dynamisation (development of its true, inner medicinal essence) will ultimately dissolve into its individual sprit-like (conceptual) essence. In its crude state, therefore, it may be considered to consist really only of this undeveloped conceptual essence". 11.

Preparation of medicinal solution to hyper-sensitive patient.
The preparational procedures done for sensitive patients are diluted one more glass and stirred for more sensitive patients.

The high light of this method is that the original medicinal solution is succussed and change in the degree of potency is made before each administration. A close scrutiny will expose the fact that in sensitive and highly sensitive patients, Hahnemann is trying to reduce the harmful effects of suitable medicines by reducing the material quantity by diluting before each administration. (F.N to aph.248)

Medium of administration of medicine (Aphorism 245 to 248)
It may be administered as dry globule in moderate and recent cases of illness. It can also be administered through water medium.

Route of administration

  • The main method of administration is by oral route either in dry globules or in liquid form.
  • In sensitive patients, in order to avoid aggravation Dr Hahnemann also resorts to either olfaction or inhalation. Here dry globule or globules, dissolved in alcohol, and are used for the process.
  • Medicine can be used through external parts by rubbing on it. The parts subjected to pain, spasm, skin eruption, denuded surface are avoided.

Repetition in 50 millesimal scales

Repetition of medicine should be made with the precaution that every dose deviates somewhat in degree of potency from the preceding dose. Then only the vital force will accept the medicine in a proper manner. This is applicable in all types of repetition in 50 millesimal scales.

Period of repetition. In long lasting chronic cases, repetition can be made daily or every second day, in acute diseases every two to six hours. In very urgent cases every hour or oftener can be repeated. In acute fever small dose of lowest dynamisation can be repeated at shorter intervals though the medicine possesses long duration of action.

Repetition of same medicine in same potency. The medicine that acts without producing new troublesome symptoms is to be continued while gradually ascending (of the same potency but modified) as long as the patient with general improvement.

Repetition at longer intervals. After administration of suitable medicine in modified potency, a state will appear where with the general improvement of the condition of the patient, there will be intensification or reappearance of one or more of the original complaints. This is indicative of Homoeopathic aggravation. The saturation point of medicine in that particular potency has reached in that particular patient. In that circumstance medicine repetition should be restricted to longer intervals.

Repetition with higher dynamisation.
If a case demands prolonged administration of medicine, after using the already prepared medicinal solution of lower dynamisation, the physician can proceed to higher dynamisation, if he finds it is necessary for a complete restoration.

Another situation calling higher dynamisation is that during the course of treatment there will be intensification or reappearance of one or several old original complaints. If after adequate waiting the above symptoms are not vanished, it is indicative of remnants of disease in that particular patient. Here a high potency has to be started administering in place of lower dynamisation earlier used.

In very rare cases, notwithstanding almost full recovery of health and with good vital strength, an old annoying local trouble continuing undisturbed, it is wholly permitted and even indispensably necessary to administer in increasing doses the homoeopathic remedy that has proved itself efficacious but potentised to a very high degree by means of succession by hand.'

One precautionary remark Dr Hahnemann making when going to higher potency is that the ascending should be gradual and slow especially in sensitive and irritable patients compared to less susceptible patients.

Repetition with new remedy. In the course of treatment, it is natural that sometimes new symptoms or complaints will appear after administration of suitable remedy. In that circumstance, one new Homoeopathic remedy which covers the new symptoms should be selected for administration.


  • The ideal dose for moderate and recent case is a poppy seed sized globule which is placed directly on tongue. (Aph272)
  • A poppy sized globule dissolved in water is a method which gives more powerful action.

Quantity at a time

A medicinal solution is prepared usually at least in eight table spoonful of water. From this medicinal solution one or (increasingly) several tea spoons can be taken as a dose at a time.

Note: As a matter of fact - to avoid any confusion - one should directly learn from Organon 6th edition all about the L M potency from aphorisms 245 to 272 with all their footnotes. But one will have to read it again and again in order to avoid any misconception. Because after going through the articles of many authors on the subject one finds that they slightly differ with each other and do not settle at one point.

Lastly I can say unless these potencies are made available by pharmacies, homeopaths are not in a position to use them in practice since it is not easy to prepare such potencies by every practitioner.

List of Scholars are:-

  • Dr. HarimohanChoudhary.(50 M Potency in Theory and Practice 3rd ed, Published by B Jains)
  • Dr. Pierre Schmidt (The Hidden Treasures in the Last Organon, Published by B Jains)
  • Dr. Luc De Schepper. (Hahnemannian Text Book of Classical Momeopathy by B Jains)
  • Dr. Otto Eichelberger (Klassikal Homeopath Vol I, by IBPP)
  • Dr.N.HariharaIyer. MD(Hom) (web site)
  • Dr. Srikanta Chaudhary (Web site)
  • www.simillimum.com
  • Dr. Boenninghausen. (web site)
  • Dr. Elizebeth Wright. (web site)
  • Dr. Rima Handley. (web site)
  • Dr. Raj Kumar Mukarji. (web site)
  • Dr. J H Clarke, Homeopathy Explained by B Jains  (Case of Caspar Hauser).

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very good details about the potency.
  Comment by: Dr.paul murugan, India.    on Jul 14, 2014 2 Agree  |  0 Disagree       Report Abuse

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  Comment by: MaitaO, United States.    on Dec 05, 2013 0 Agree  |  0 Disagree       Report Abuse

The usage of term as 50LM is ambiguous and not at all correct. LM indicates 50M of centecimal potency and the prefix of 50 is not necessry (L=50). actually, the potency was named as zero potency to indicate the fifty millecimal potency globula. The author of this article should have read the organan 6th edition before presenting it to the public. Preparation of 50 millesimal scales. is absolutely wrong. and the contents of the article is his own hypothesis. It is not my intension to hurt th
  Comment by: krishnarao, India.    on Jul 09, 2011 9 Agree  |  4 Disagree       Report Abuse

The usage of term as 50LM is ambiguous and not at all correct. LM indicates 50M of centecimal potency and the prefix of 50 is not necessry (L=50). actually, the potency was named as zero potency to indicate the fifty millecimal potency globula. The author of this article should have read the organan 6th edition before presenting it to the public. Preparation of 50 millesimal scales. is absolutely wrong. and the contents of the article is his own hypothesis. It is not my intension to hurt th
  Comment by: krishnarao, India.    on Jul 09, 2011 0 Agree  |  1 Disagree       Report Abuse

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