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The Fibonacci Potencies Series :: Modern approach to Posology

Homeopathic Journal :: Volume: 3, Issue: 7, May, 2010 (General Theme)   -   from
Author : Dr. Joe Rozencwajg, NMD
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Article Updated: May 08, 2010

Since the beginning of my homeopathic studies and practice, I have always been annoyed and irritated by the lack of consensus and scientific explanation about which potency to give, which system to use, how, when and why. It appeared that everyone had his own protocol and would neither budge from it nor explain it.

I stumbled upon the Fibonacci series by chance, actually when watching the movie " The Da Vinci Code" . It intrigued me and I started reading about it; soon I realised that the F series (as I call it now) is pervading everything in the universe, from microscopic to galactic, in all the realms and in all the natural and human creations. So I thought that if this is a universal natural law, why not use it in the prescription of homeopathic remedies.

The Fibonacci series consist of numbers where each number is the sum of the two preceding ones: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, ....The potencies used are 3c, 5c, 8c, 13c, 21c, 34c, 55c, 89c, 144c and 233c. I stopped at 233 fro two main reasons: one is that those potencies have to be prepared from the beginning by manual succussion according to Hahnemaniann pharmacology; it is very unpractical to try and go above 233 potentisations, it takes a long time and becomes very costly; the other is that those potencies are not linear but create an exponential action, each one multiplying the action of the previous one: for example, giving the 5c after the 3c you get an effective potency of 3x5=15c; adding then the next dose as an 8c gives a real potency of 15x8=120c, and so on. You will find the detailed calculations in my book " The Potency" .

Obviously this allows reaching extraordinarily high potency not achievable by any other means, in the order of trillions C.....

The clinical results were amazing: there were very few aggravations, not more than with the use of centesimals or LM/Q potencies; there were no provings, despite the repeated doses and the very high potencies achieved and that even when the wrong, incorrect remedy was given.

Results were incredibly fast, having deep emotional, mental or physical reactions even with low potencies, 5C often creating shifts in health despite the patients having sometimes previously received the same remedy in another potency; adding the rest of the series created a " total cleansing" of the system. Cures that would have taken years with the LM/Q methodology were achieved within a few months.

The depth of cure was extreme: very deep hidden problems came to the surface and were eliminated; others were exposed and given the opportunity to receive a more specific treatment.

It is impossible to predict which potency will give a specific reaction; simply the right remedy should be there at the right frequency for the shift in health to occur: that is why the whole spectrum of the potencies has to be given in the specific order so that no frequency is missed. At times, in the middle of a series, some important symptoms will emerge, requesting the prescription of another remedy, also in an F series. It is possible to interrupt the original remedy, give the new one, and then resume the first series where we left it, without any problem.

A few new concepts emerged: that every F potency is what I call now a " threshold" potency; that in fact we do not deal with different, separate potencies but we are giving a single, progressive potency at different frequencies in a specific order, and in doing so we keep up with the classical concept of a single remedy in a single potency.

All this is described in details in the book " The Potency" .

But the best part of the whole research is that it makes sense, it is logical, it is embedded in nature, it is not an artificial creation, it is not an arbitrary choice based on who knows what, and it works well, fast, deep and safely.

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