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Role of Homeopathy in improving Genetic Disorders

Homeopathic Journal :: Volume: 3, Issue: 3, Jan, 2010 (New Papers)   -   from Homeorizon.com
Author : Dr. Ajit Singh, Homeopath
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Article Updated: Jan 24, 2010


To be a good homoeopath you must believe in what you are doing; you must be trustworthy, charitable because he who loves only himself and money will be of little use to the sick-the patient will suffer

S. Ennis

Although in homeopathic literature there is little mention of the above named dreaded diseases. However keeping in view the opinions of the following stalwarts of homeopathy the author has attempted to gather whatever information is available on them. Homeopathy cures not the disease in man but, man in disease. The following opinions by the great homeopaths of the past and present era amply prove that homeopathy can cure (inherited disorders, congenital disorders or anatomical malformations where the said disorders show signs of improvement) or improve or at least make the life of the patient livable and in incurable and terminal cases of inheritance or genetic disorders can grant comforts to the sick in the optimum).

Dr Samuel Hahnemann

Genetic disorders (The diseases inherited). DR. SAMUEL HAHNEMANN has referred hereditary diseases in aphorism 84, footnotes 76 and 164 to sections 78 and 284 respectively. He was farsighted, intuitive and had the analytical mind to discover that the chronic miasms in the mother were responsible for hereditary disorders in the child when he was in the intra-uterine state, and these could be treated by the homeopathic remedy.

DR. C.M. Boger: "Did you ever stop to think why a homoeopathic potency is especially adapted to wipe out inherited traits. We are told by scientists that a little grain of cell, among the highest of ultra-microscopic cells, carries all the germs and the chromosomes of the past. Nothing can touch that but the homeopathic remedy and that is why we can prove it scientifically. Dr AH Grimmer said, "Dr. Boger always gives us a splendid paper. Dr. Hahnemann had the perception that there was something beyond all the material things around and that is why homoeopathy is. It reached up into the mental state, even into the spiritual side of life and that is why Homoeopathy is vital. That is why it can wipe out inherited conditions (Now Genetic Disorders)."

Harvey Farrington: Dr. August Bier: The extensive experiments of August Bier of Berlin University proved that since the cells and its constituents, are subtle so is the finely subdivided homoeopathic remedy. When a finely subdivided similar homeopathic remedy administered in single and minimum dose, it goes past the healthy cells because they have no attraction for it, but the sick cell have less resistance and more responsive to stimuli provided by the truly homeopathic remedy to the case. The minimum dose affects these hypersensitive sick cells and stimulates them to reaction. (The finally divided and subdivided similar remedy only can induce the normal reaction and wipe out the inherited or genetic traits). The Hahnemannian concept is that diseases (whether genetic, congenital, autoimmune, immune deficiency acquired or otherwise, HIV, etc.), italics mine, primarily is a disturbance in the vital force or guiding energy which governs all the organs and parts (again the italics mine, including the cells with their constituents, that is , chromosomes and DNA etc.) of the body. The Hahnemannian concept again that the symptoms unattributable to definite pathology are most often the determinating factors in selecting the homoeopathic remedy. The fact that the homoeopath takes cognizance of symptoms per se, whether indicative of any known disease or not, enables him to correct the condition before definite disease results; and still more important, he is able to combat new diseases that have never been heard before, e.g., genetic disorders, anatomical malformations, congenital diseases, auto-immune diseases with different medical jargons. Italics mine.

J.H. Allen By diving down into the very spirit of things, we are enabled to awaken a spirit of research in other, so that they take a part with us, and these things that have ever been a mystery to us, heretofore, become intelligible, yea, we get a genetic view of things, untrammeled by prejudice, and truth becomes an exact correspondence in its subjective and objective relations. In this way we can open up doors of truth that have been barred during all time. Hahnemann did this as he brought forth his mystery of the miasms and the law of similia. The world often frowns upon this truth, but it shines all the brighter for it, and like the diamond, throws out its light from every angle. The influence of similia steals over us gently through this wonderful law and the law is fulfilled in itself. It expunges the miasmatic taint and through its creative power, it creates health, bringing forth all the attributes of health and strength. Indeed "Homoeopathy partakes of that great pulse of nature that beats against the barriers of materialism". It is the pulse of love and with each throb comes a new genesis, a new life.

Sycosis may be said to be the most venereal of all venereal diseases, as it is seldom contracted (outside of gonorrhoeal ophthalmia) in any other way than through sexual congress. It is disease of lust in the broadest sense of the word, hence the appearance of the mental phenomena in its early history. That monarch of the mind, the Will, is overthrown. He thinks, he wills, he acts, and out of that false triune develops the lust disease. A precept of the Decalogue is broken, and man falls by virtue of the breaking of that genetic principlewhich is an epitome of the character of his Creator, after whose image he was formed. He at once becomes a victim to the false and disintegrative power of broken law and the true physiological process at that moment ceases, and a false one is set up within that organism. Yea, all its processes, whether moral, spiritual, mental, or physical, are interfered with, and in some measure they at once take on a retrograde metamorphosis; the miasm (Sycosis) becomes a force co-existent with the life force; therefore, the life forces are from that moment propelled forward in the direction of its influence and power which is always unfavorable to the good of the organism. What was at first a mental process, an unholy thought, implants the seeds of death within the physical organism and its presence with the life force is first manifest in the members that violated that divine precept. At first the disturbing element is functional as it is in all disease, to become later on an organic disease.

Dr. Andre Saine: When there is paucity of guiding symptoms, one ought to have a disease picture the patient presents with. In such cases all the symptoms of the patient would be included in the remedy picture, including those of temperament and personality, which are not symptoms of the disease, like the person tends to hurry, or is impatient or slow. Theses are not necessarily imbalances but tendencies. Temperament will not change from homoeopathy; it is the nature of the patient. Only the abnormal aspects of temperament will be normalized to their genetic potential. We include all symptoms of temperament because the symptoms of temperament indicate a certain disposition relating to certain remedies. To a lesser degree we would include symptoms of morphology and physiognomy, e.g. what the person looks like physically, like color of the hair, skin etc. Why do we include these symptoms and why to a lesser extent than the symptoms of temperament and personality? Because, everything is an expression of life. But the color of your hair is not a symptom; it is only characteristic. Morphology will usually correspond to the last remedy you need, because here we talk about the genotype, something that is fixed forever. No doubt we cannot change the color of the hair or skin or body, but if you are sure it is the last layer or the remedy the person needs, the morphology becomes important. Dr. Pascero was a student of Dr. Grimmer and Dr. Grimmer remained a student of Dr. Kent until Dr. Kent died in 1916. Dr. Pascero was also educated in psychoanalysis. To his concept of homeopathy he introduced a lot of concepts of psychoanalysis. For some twenty years Dr. Yziaga remained under the influence of Dr. Pascero and later on he switched on to the concept that, " you are born with a genotype and you have accumulated some miasms. As you go through life you develop a certain personality and some functional problems". He called these problems as phenotype. Eventually the imbalance progresses and leads to tissue changes. This state is curable and reversible. He in his method of treatment included separately the symptoms of phenotype, miasm and genotype. He treated the patient layer wise and reversed the disorder as such.

A.H. Grimmer Geneticists have established the fact that many serious, constitutional types of disease, both physical and mental, are transmitted by way of the genes through succeeding generations. To cite a few of the more well known and drastic ones: several forms of cancer, diabetes, epilepsy and many forms of chronic skin disorders difficult to cure, such as psoriasis, keloid, persistent eczema, and lichen. These conditions, along with alcoholism, are listed as incurable by modern medical science.

Nevertheless, many individual patients suffering from these various diseases have been cured by a new medical approach, by using medicines prepared in a special way that will enable them to reach and eradicate the deep hidden causes of human sickness, which are the result of constitutionally inherited states and conditions of disease. These remedies are prepared in such a way as to reduce them by a process of potentization to a state of electromagnetic or electronic energy.

Dr. Processo Sanchez Ortega: Dr. Gonzalez Corenastates that the following about the genetic aspect of miasm: "When the biological reaction is oriented toward enzymic or proteinic cellular neo formations, the sycotic diathesis becomes established ... The genes which are altered by such physico-chemical sycotic factors as radiation or medicines whose action is very far-reaching (like Thalidomide) act in accordance with the Mendilian laws of dominance and recessiveness. The parents may supply gametes with altered chromosomes and genes, damaged and thereby abnormal. If this is present in two parents, it will be homozygous, if in only one of them heterozygous. The abnormal sycotic gene is dominant in the morbid reaction appears in the genotype in all generations of the genealogical tree under study; and it is recessive if no clinical manifestations appeared during the generation. One example of this is Recklinghausen's Disease, with its tumors, many brown spots and cysts, and which has a recessive hereditary character (even though dominant in some sporadic instances). Like any disturbance, sycosis is of genetic and environmental origin, since it results both from the altered genes and environmental factors. It is confirmed fact that the GENOTYPE (the genome or stock of genes), when affected by some nontypical environmental factor, offers to clinical observation the PHENOTYPE. Sycosis of genetic origin is thus subject to interauterine environmental influence during gestations (called epigenetic influence). An example is the embryo subjected to the sycotic radiation of rubeola, toxoplasma...a congenital infection can arise from interauterine or epigenic factors and in this case will not be considered hereditary even if congenital.

Dr. Luc De Schepper: (Intera-Uterine Prescribing) He says that allopathic drugs, which must be given with extreme caution during pregnancy, remedies (homeopathic) are ideal treatments for the pregnant woman.

Not only does a woman manifest the remedy she needs clearly while pregnant, but also her miasmatic condition can be treated, creating a much healthier child. Ideally we will address the miasm of both parents before conception, but few couples come for preconceptional homeopathic treatment. Dr. Carroll Dunham, a famous turn-of-the-century homeopath, described several cases in which women bore children with harelips and cleft plates; one had four such children and another one eight. Dunham went back to his embryology books and found that this abnormality occurs prior to the third month of gestation. He found it was bone deficiency and surmised it is represented a calcium deficiency. The question was whether to give Calcarea Carbonica, Calcarea Phosphoricum, or Calcarea Sulphuricum. The woman with eight such children was very clearly a Sulphur patient, so he tried Calcarea Sulphuricum, giving it for seven months of her gestation. She bore her next child normally. He repeated this in three other cases while the baby was in uteri, and the children were born normal. This type of prescribing opens up possibilities still unknown in allopathic medicine, and is standing proof of Hahnemann's genius.

Dr. Cornelia Richardson Boedler: She is a psychiatrist homeopath. She says that the genetic tendencies can be held at bay by using the specifically indicated homeopathic remedy. The study of psychosomatic illness gives insights into the correlated workings of all parts of the human being, and those parts or factors underlie all chronic diseases. Whereas many diseases seem to be the direct result of aging, infection, or stressful overexertion and not necessarily connected with the psyche, the underlying dynamic of symptomatic expression is always closely linked with the mental/emotional and spiritual tendencies of the person. The inherent diathesis to disease, genetically inherited, not only furnishes a physical blueprint, but it also provides the mental/emotional tendencies that actually determine the overall symptomatic expression. For example, a typically angry person will age, break down under stress, or succumb to infection in a different way than a persistently anxious person. In psychosomatic disease, we may also find premature signs of organic damage due to the inherent diathesis; and the damage may be enhanced further by a previous infection or overexertion, yet the overall disease constitutes primarily the physical expression of unresolved and particularly stressful and severe mental/emotional and spiritual conflict.

Professor George Vithoulkas: Says that it is known that the genetic make-up, the DNA, of an individual plays a role in shaping the hereditary predisposition to disease, but this is not the whole story. As we shall see a bit later, it is possible for a parent to acquire an ailment during life whose influence can be transmitted to the children, even though no known change has occurred in the genetic structure of the parent. Taking into account the dynamic plane, it is quite easy to imagine how such a thing can occur. If the vital force is significantly weakened in the parents, the child's electrodynamic field can correspondingly be weakened at the moment of conception. He further says that miasmatic predispositions are not merely a matter involving DNA, since diseases acquired during life can transmit their influences to subsequent generations. Miasmatic predispositions are not merely the simple inheritance of a well-defined pathological condition, but rather the inheritance of a particular syndrome which corresponds to the influence of the miasm. A miasm is characterized by transmission from generation to generation, and by relief from the corresponding nosode.

Genetic disorders Dr. Dey's understanding of genetic disorders, their inheritance and management So far we have seen how deep and clear his understanding of the miasms is, also how important it is to have such an understanding, in order to bring about deep-seated, curative effects. Similarly let us try and see how Dr. Dey understands the evolution of genetic disorders and how much homoeopathy can do in such 'hopeless' cases.

According to modern view, all diseases originate if two factors act synchronistically.

A) Genetic factors.

B) Environmental factors.

If the genetic factor is very powerful then manifestation of the malady takes place without any environmental stress. Such disorders are called genetic disorders. According to Hahnemann's concept, a full blown disease can occur when the latent Psora, which is usually inherited, creates a 'sensitizing miasmatic state'. This state, when acted upon by adverse environmental factors, creates a full blown disease. Now if these miasms of Psora, Sycosis or Syphilis are inherited in an active stage, then the disease will manifest itself right from birth. These are what we call genetic or congenital diseases. We now clearly see how similar the modern view is, compared to Hahnemann's concept of disease manifestation and inheritance.

Therefore to bring about any significant change in these kinds of diseases, it is very vital that the prescriber must be capable to touch the deepest miasms present in the system. And to touch such a deep level, the remedy has to be highly potentized. After prescribing the required anti-miasmatic remedy, it is important to know what it can do.

1. Reversion of chromosomal mutation may not be possible in one generation.

2. The ill-effect of the mutation can be moderated by a potentized S drug.

Also the ill-effect may be stabilized in spite of environment.

Dr. Dey has treated with success the following cases.

Case 1 (Dey) G6PD deficiency in a child with repeated hemoglobinuria and anemia with a need for repeated blood transfusions and steroid therapy. After the remedy he became symptom free. There was no anemia or hemoglobinuria: also blood examination no longer shows G6PD deficiency.

Dr. Prafull Vijayakar: He believes that the Master has indirectly advocated the genetic characteristics as bases for homeopathic prescriptions. He is a strong exponent of genetic prescribing as follows. He has named his method of prescribing as GENETIC CONSTITUTIONAL SIMILIMUM. The following are the components of G C S:

ESSENTIALS OF GENETIC CONSTITUTIONAL HISTORY TAKING: GENES, as we all know, is mother of existence. Ourmap of genetic code or 'genome' is responsible for our physical make-up, mental make-up and general make-up. All these three arise out of same genetic map or genome. Hence it is but natural to conclude that looks, features, and built of individual have relation with his nature. It is important for a homeopath to be a keen observer that he can decode the physique to know the nature of a person.

Physical make-up includes; (i) Height, Weight, Stature (ii) Facial, Feature and Shapes. (iii) Hair (distribution) (iv) Nails (v) Neck (vi) Extremities and (vii) Shape of Trunk.

MENTAL MAKE-UP: This includes:

  • Will, Morals, Intellect (b) Natural Traits (which are outstanding) (c) Emotions as reactions

(d) Sensitivity and (e) Attachments.

GENERAL MAKE-UP This inquiry includes: Energy Activity. Speech Type. Tolerances/Intolerances. Thermals Hot/Chilly/Ambi-thermals. Appetite, cravings/aversions. Thirst/thirstlessness. Sexual functions. Organs susceptible. Characters peculiar to that person. Aggravations/ameliorations. Time/season effect.

Energy: The sum total of which, the lack of it or excess of it represented. Speed of thinking processes. Rubrics of vivaciousness, restlessness, lethargy, torpor, slowness, quickness, can form a core of Repertorization if marked or outstanding if marked or outstanding in that individual.

Speech: Many times lead we to a similimum are an important factor because it cannot be covered up. The patient is not aware that his speech is observed or interpreted. Different types of speeches or talks are natural to different constitutions and it is an innate characteristic arising out of genetics (case has to be taken to rule out any pathological cause) e.g. jerky speech, hesitating speech, loud, hasty, slow, vivacious, forma etc.

Cause or Ailments from

Type of Disease and symptoms of disease help us to assess the MIASM.

THERE CANNOT BE A RIGHT SIMILIMUM WITHOUT CONSIDERATION OF MIASM. This helps us to know which group of remedies may be indicated. It also helps us to decide on Potency and Repetition.

Homoeopathic treatment for Thalessaemia and Sickle Cell Disease

Miasmatic Preponderance: SYCO-SYPHILIS

Prognosis: Poor

Sickle Cell Disease is a genetic blood disease and is inherited from both parents.

Once you are born with it, it is for life and no cure is in sight yet. The genes are passed on from generation to generation

If you have Beta-Thalessaemia - you inherited one sickle cell gene from one parent and a beta-Thalessaemia from the other.

Homeopathic treatment and therapeutics

Constitutional prescribing

Miasms are inherited flaws and in SCD, the gene is passing onto generations. In the case of SCD Thalessaemia which are genetic disorders, the patient should be treated constitutionally to strengthen his immunity system and therefore reducing the risk of infection.

In chronic cases the aim is to restore balance and vital functioning and circulation to the affected area. In deep bone pain from cold, for instance, the stimulus is needed to stimulate and eliminate imbalances to overcome chronic state.

In chronic conditions, a miasm must always be considered and a specific miasmatic remedy is needed in the early treatment whenever an indicated remedy fails to work. Of course this indicated remedy must be based on the totality of the patient.

Hereditary patterns reflect our constitution . In constitutional prescribing both the physical and psychological symptoms are expressed by the patient and these symptoms are used by the physician to prescribe a remedy. Keeping in view the homoeopathic principles, mentals are very important to understand the individual for the prescription to be curative. Lastly there can not be a right similimum without consideration of the miasm.

The syphilitic miasm and sickle cell disease

The Syphilitic Miasm means DESTRUCTION. It should be realized that rarely is one miasm alone active in a person. Each of us inheriting the constitutional faults of both paternal and maternal ancestors. In order to understand Sickle Cell Anemia, you need to know that a normal blood cell is round and a sickle cell is half-moon (crescent) shaped. As the blood cell is hard, it is difficult for blood to flow through freely and therefore creating pain. The other problem with Sickle Cells, they do not last as long as normal red blood cells for approximately 120 days but live only approximately 6 to 10 days. As the cells have a short life - this is the destruction of the red blood cells and belongs to the syphilitic miasm.

The Concept of Homeopathy The Homoeopathic concepts were broader and more applicable to the art of healing. According to the homeopathy constitution of the individual is prior to causation of the patient illness. And the constitution and causation are considered supreme, primary and worthwhile. Where the knowledge of pathology helps a Homoeopath to differentiate between the common and uncommon symptoms of the patient. This knowledge is very useful in the selection of Homoeopathic remedy. The children between age group 3Years to 12 Years were reported approximately 200 to 250 cases from different places of Andhra Pradesh and Orissa to Savitri Homoeopathic Clinic by the Department of Human Genetics, ANDHRA UNIVERSITY , and WALTAIR for the last 12 years. These cases were studied according to the symptomatology, each time the child was clinically evaluated for the specific symptoms like anemia, pain abdomen, enlarged spleen and liver, recurrent attacks of fever and hemoglobin levels. The children who received the medicine had shown a marked improvement was observed in the presence of signs and symptoms, growth and general development. There are many remedies under the system of homeopathy to treat sickle cell anemia and prove their efficacy in treating the disease successfully.

Ferrum Metallicum
- very useful for this condition and is constipation is involved from too many iron tonics.
Ferrum protoxalate - is the homoeopathic blood transfusion.
Ferrum Phosphoricum - repeated exposure to x-ray and aids the assimilation of iron.
Natrum muriaticum -dehydration - there is produce perspiration and thirst and craving for salt.
Arsenicum - anxiety, restlessness and weakness.
Phosphorus - sensitive, chilly and short of breath

- blurred vision, watering constantly.
Naphthalene - cataract with chest problems, detachment of the retina and cornea problems.

Arsenicum album
- burning pains with anxiety and restlessness.
Carbo vegetables - blue extremities - gangrene starts in the toes.

Joints - stiffness/pain
Most conditions are often relieved by Rhus tox, Bryonia, Sulphur , Ruta.
Berberis - sdc patient with kidney problems.
Caulophyllum - uterine problems with pain in the small joints.

- if the person is in a coma, to restore consciousness.
Arnica - is useful if the stroke is recent or not.Causticum - resulting in right-sided paralysis.

Constitutional remedy to be assisted by organ remedy ceanothus - specific for spleen affections. compare tinospora cordifolia (a Hindu medicine for chronic cases of fever with enlarged spleen)
Cedron - the rattlesnake bean from panama is used as an antidote for snake bites and insects. Useful in malaria complaints with severe joints pain. Aggravation. Hands and feet - both spleen and live compare Chininum Arsenicum
others - Berberis, Natrum muriaticum, Sulphur
Medorrhinum - underlying sycotic miasm (severe pain, swelling etc.

Local application of calendula tincture is useful for promoting healing.
Arsenicum album - black discoloration with offensive discharge.
Carbo veg. - blue discoloration around ulcer, caused by the poor circulation.
Lachesis - purple discoloration, discharging blood and pus.

Anemia - Treatment & Homeopathic Medicines

Ferrum metallicum Iron is the great allopathic remedy for anaemia from almost any cause. It is also a great homoeopathic remedy, but it will not cure every case of anaemia; careful individualization is necessary. When the patient has an appearance of full bloodedness or plethora, which is followed by paleness or earthiness of the face and puffiness of the extremities, then Ferrum will benefit. It is not the remedy for the anaemia resulting from loss of fluids; that is Cinchona, or perhaps Natrum muriaticum. When Ferrum is indicated the mucous membranes are pale, more so than with Cinchona, and there is apt to be an anaemia murmur in the veins of the neck. The patient is easily exhausted. Vomiting of food after eating may occur. The patient is constantly chilly and perhaps has an afternoon or evening fever simulating hectic fever. In very stubborn cases sometimes Ferrum phosphoricum may serve better than Ferrum metallicum. Schuessler recommends first Calcarea phosphorica, then Ferrum phosphoricum. In simple, uncomplicated chlorosis Ferrum is one of our best remedies. Hughes recommends Ferrum redactum 1x or 2X. Ludlam praises Ferrum et strychnia citrate 3X, Dr.Jousset, Ferrum aceticum or the Ferrum protoxalate, and Dr.Holcombe. of New Orleans, used Ferrum phosphoricum. All these preparations of Iron may benefit cases of anaemia and chlorosis; if so, it is by virtue of their similarity to the symptoms of the case, and not because one or the other preparation of Iron is a tonic in the allopathic sense. By giving the indicated preparation of Iron it removes the underlying dyscrasia giving rise to the anaemic or chlorotic conditions and cures the trouble.

Pulsatilla Pulsatilla is the great antidote to Iron, and hence is indicated in the anaemic condition produced by large or continued doses of it. The system is relaxed and worn out; the patient is chilly and suffers from gastric and menstrual derangements. Thus the symptoms resemble closely those calling for Ferrum. The cause of the anaemia must be sought for, and if the case comes from allopathic hands it is safe to infer that much Iron has been given and Pulsatilla will surely be the remedy. The Pulsatilla patient feels better in the open air. Dizziness on rising, absence of thirst, and the peculiar disposition will lead to the remedy. Cyclamen, which is similar in many respects, differ from Pulsatilla in dreading the fresh air. Cinchona is the chief remedy for anaemia resulting from loss of fluids,as in lactation or haemorrhage, or from all exhausting discharges, such as menstrual flow, long-lasting diarrhoea, and sexual excesses and loss of semen. The quality of the blood is actually poorer in cases calling for Cinchona. Special symptoms are heaviness of the head, loss of sight,fainting and ringing in the ears, pale sallow complexion, sour belching, poor digestion and bloated abdomen. The patient is sensitive to draughts of air yet wants to be fanned. Dr. George Royal thinks many physicians err in giving Cinchona too low in symptomatic anaemia when much time has elapsed since the drain was made on the system. He finds the 30th. productive of better results than the lower preparations. Natrum muriaticum is also a remedy for anaemic and debilitated conditions due to loss of fluids, especially in women who suffer from menstrual disorders and in chronic cases with a dead, dirty-looking skin. Chininum arsenicocosum is sometimes prescribed for anemia, not, however, on the totality of the symptoms, but because it is said to be "good for it." It has been found curative in certain cases of pernicious anemia. Acetic acid suits anaemic nursing women, with waxy skin, and thirst.

Calcarea carbonica Almost any of the deeper acting constitutional remedies may be of use in anaemic and debilitated conditions, and especially are the Calcarea useful. Thus we have Calcarea phosphoric as the remedy for the "green sickness," chlorosis of young girls, with a complexion like wax, alabaster lips and ears, a bright eye, and when they smile or laugh it is a sickly one. The face sometimes has a true greenish hue or a sallow one. In such cases the menses are apt to be too early and then Calcarea phosphoric is well indicated for this condition. Calcarea carbonica is indicated by the Psoric, scrofulous or tubercular diathesis and the general symptoms of the drug, by disgust for meat, craving for sour and indigestible things, swelling of abdomen, vertigo and palpitation; on going upstairs. The patient is in a state of worry. Constantly imagining calamities. Alumina is also a remedy for chlorosis due to the scrofulous diathesis and from improper nourishment, such as occurs in some children brought up on artificial foods. Nux vomica, too, may be indicated in anaemic conditions when due to gastro-intestinal derangements. Plumbum has been recommended for inveterate chlorosis with obstinate constipation. Alumina also, being an antipsoric, is the remedy for anaemic conditions about puberty, with abnormal craving for indigestible substances, such as slate pencils, chalk, etc.

Arsenicum This being a direct poison to the red blood corpuscles takes first rank in cases of pernicious anemia or in anaemias due to a malarial of ;toxic influence. Dr.Blackley, of England, reported four cases of pernicious anemia cured with small doses of the remedy. It does not correspond to simple anaemias so well. It indications are excessive prostration considerable edema, violent and irregular palpitation, marked appetite for acids and brandy, extreme anxiety and rapid emaciation . There is irritable stomach and intense thirst. When the allopathic school uses Arsenic as a blood tonic, and Dr.Bartholow says, "it is one of the most valuable remedies in the treatment of chlorosis and anemia," it does so on strictly Homoeopathic principles. Picric acid. The extreme prostration of pernicious anemia, with a heavy tired feeling all over the body, burning pains along the spine and aggravation from excitement indicate this remedy. During the winter, I would say, the most frequently used remedy would be Arsenicum for the burning pains of the CHILLY SCD patient

Helonias An excellent remedy in anemia and chlorosis. It suits especially anemia from prolonged hemorrhage in women enervated by indolence and luxury, or such as are worn out with hard work; they are too tired to sleep and the strained muscles burn and ache A characteristic modality is that the patient is better when the attention is engaged, hence better when the doctor comes. This anemia is associated with disturbances in the urinary and sexual organs. Tired, anaemic, backache females need Helonias, "It is one of the best blood makers that we have." (E. G. Jones.)

Aletris Chlorosis. "The China of the uterine organs." Tired dull, heavy, confused. Debility of females from protracted illness; no organic disease Power and energy of mind and body are weakened.

Secale cor This remedy produces a progressives general anemia. It is shown by the peculiar cachexia of anemia, pale, bloodless, jaundiced color. By its effect on the blood corpuscles it produces a general anemia, threatening not only the life of a part, but vitiating the whole life of the bodily economy. It is a sort of a mechanical anemia.

Natrum muriaticum This is one of our best remedies in anaemic conditions. There is paleness, and, in spite of the fact that the patient eats well, there is emaciation. There are attacks of throbbing headache and dysponea, especially on going up stairs, constipation ands depression of spirits, and consolation aggravates. With these symptoms there is much palpitation, fluttering and intermittent action of the heart. The Hypochondriasis in these cases is marked. Scanty menstruation is frequently an indicating symptom. Kali carbonica is one of the most important remedies in anemia, weak heart, sweats backache, especially with female complaints.

Repertorization (Synthesis 9.2 and complete repertory - Radar 10.32 and Phoenix Repertory)





GENERALS - ANEMIA - sickle-cell

Cobalt nitricum

"Our need is not to prove anything to other people; our job is to do the work, to apply the principles, so that the proof can be seen by all."-J.T. Kent.


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very well described.the remedies for genetically diseases..wonderful!
  Comment by: Dr.paul murugan, India.    on Jul 26, 2015 1 Agree  |  0 Disagree       Report Abuse

Good article on rarely discussed topic
  Comment by: Rupali bhalerao, India.    on Jun 01, 2011 5 Agree  |  3 Disagree       Report Abuse

Hi, My goodness you have left out the most important pioneer of genetic engineering in humans dr.Burnet .He has treated congenital and other genetically related troubles in utero .He needs just than mention I feel.
  Comment by: dr,rekha, .    on Feb 09, 2010 0 Agree  |  0 Disagree       Report Abuse

Good work
  Comment by: Dr.Vaishali, India.    on Feb 01, 2010 2 Agree  |  0 Disagree       Report Abuse

kindly add some case and posology of the case. nice article
  Comment by: Dr. K. Hiltun, Netherlands.    on Feb 01, 2010 1 Agree  |  0 Disagree       Report Abuse

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