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The Anomalies in B.K. Sarkar's Organon of Medicine

Homeopathic Journal :: Volume: 3, Issue: 3, Jan, 2010 (General Theme)   -   from Homeorizon.com
Author : Dr. Mahendra Singh, DMS, MBS, Director/Secretary,International Institute of History of Homoeopathy.Prof. & Head of Dept. Organon & History of Medicine, The Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital
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Article Updated: Jan 24, 2010

A critical study of "Organon of Medicine with Dr. B. K. Sarkar's Commentary"

In Indian Homoeo Recorder of Jan-Feb, Vol. 1, no. 1., my writintg Organon of Medicine : Printing Mistakes about the 5 th & 6 th Editions of organon published by M/s. Economic Homoeopharmacy of Calcutta was published. I have received too many letters praising the utility of the write-up but some of the teacher and students have requested to publish a correction of the Organon of Medicine with Dr. B. K. Sarkar's Commentary published by M. Bhattacharya & Co. of Calcutta .

It can be unbiasedly said that the print of Organon published by M. Bhattacharya is the worst of all the publishers who have published Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine. God only knows, how the junior students and lethargic teachers have used the book for learning and education for such a long time and why the publishers did not care to rectify the errors and anomalies in their publication in last 40 years. Another unsolved mystery is the association of late Dr. B. K. Sarkar. In the above referred article. I wrote "The anomalies of other editions and prints... will be discussed in future issue..."

Bhattacharya's Organon has :

- 18 pages title, from page 1 to 18 -

- Introduction by Dr. B. K. Sarkar, from pp. 19 to 114 -

- The Aphorisms have 152 pages (from 115 to 267),

- Hahnemann's Preface to the sixth edition (p. 269 - 270) then 12 pages (from p. 271 - 282) of

- Summarised version of the more important changes made in the sixth & Final Edition . If B. K. Sarkars Commentary on Organon (from p. 283 to 466),

- Commentator's preface to Appendix, on p. 469

- and on its reverse (p. 470) publisher's. A few words about Appendix,

- again continuation of commentator's preface, which ends on p. 472.

This is one pathetic example of the edition. Then begins Hahnemann's Introduction. It is to be noted that while Hahnemann's Introduction, and in reality Introduction by any and every author, should be before the beginning of the text, the publishers have brought it in the end of the book,

Dr. B. K. Sarkar's Introduction has been given in the beginning of the book, which though a scholarly writing in itself, should not and can take the place of Introduction by Hahnemann, whose book organon is

- R.E. Dudgeon's Appendix (from p. 514 to 618)

- is followed by Biographical sketch of Hahnemann by Dr. R. E. Dudgeon from p. 619 to 647,

which is again followed by commentator's Notes on : The problems of smallpox vaccinate on (p. 648 to 652), susceptibility. Metaphysical and Aetiological considerations of Diseases (p.652 to p.659). The body life mind puzzle (p. 659 to 664) and 3 pages of press and public comments on the tools by news papers Amrita Bazar Patrika & Hindusthan Standard (now defunct). The Hindusthan Times, Ananda Bazar Patrika & Dr. Dewan Jai Chand and W. S. Barlingay."

The total impression about the book is that of confusion, negligence, ignorance and carelessness in the printing, setting and binding of the book. There are innumerable irregularities and printing mistakes in the book. Some of which are more important and are given below.


The Introduction is a very important writing of Dr. Hahnemann. In the German edition it consisted of 43 pages in first edition, ____, pages in second, 52 pages in the third, ____ pages in the forth edition 75 pages and in the fifth & sixth editions R. E. Dutgeon translation of Organon (5 th edition, published by M/s. Boericks & Tafel contained 47 apges (from p. 1 to p. 47) and a total of 99 paragraphes. A better critical and comparative study shows that it contains a total of 99 paragraphs and 47 foot notes. In the original German the Introduction was divided into 10 chapters and the end of the chapter was indicated by a closing line ( - ).

  • P. 476 : after para 8, the closing line ( -) indicating the end of first chapter is missing.
  • P. 487: after para 24, the closing line ( -) indicating the end of second chapter is missing.
  • P. 488: 6 th line indications for foot note 7 after the word 'resolvent' is missing. It should be dissolvent 1.
  • P. 492: after para 36 the closing line ( -) indicating the end of third chaper is missing.
  • P. 495: 10 th line, indication for foot note no. 1 after the word "promoting" is missing. It should be promoting 1.
  • P. 497: after paragraph 52 : the closing line ( -) indicating end of the fourth chapter is missing.
  • P. 498: after paragraph 54 : the closing line ( -) indicating end of the figth chapter is missing.
  • P. 499: after paragraph 61 : the closing line ( -) indicating end of the sixth chapter is missing.
  • P. 501: after paragraph 65 : the closing line ( -) indicating the end of the seventh chapter is missing.
  • P. 505: after paragraph 77 : the closing line ( -) indicating the end of the eighth chapter is missing.
  • P. 506: after paragraph 82 : the closing line ( -) indicating the end of the ninth chapter is missing.
  • P. 506: indications for footnote no. 2 after the last word "cured" in paragraph 82 is missing. It should be cured 2.
  • P. 506: footnote no. 2 : the whole foot note is missing : Thus out of the total 47 foot notes only 46 are in the book : It is : Examples of this kind may be found in the preceding editions of the Organon of the Healing Art.
  • P. 512: the closing line ( -) indicating the end of tenth chapter is missing after is missing after paragraph 90.
  • P. 512: Paragraph 92 : The whole paragraph is wrongly printed.

Here we find "Thus we find some remarkable words to the said effect stated by the author of the book 3 which is among the writings atributed to Hippocrates."

It should be : Thus the author of the book ............. (in Greek letters which means : of places and according to Individuals) which is among the attributed to Hippocrates, has the following remarkable words : (in Greek letters) "Dissease is due to causes of a similar nature (type) as itself and by applying remedies of similar nature the sick get cured, for example, it is by vomiting that a stop is put to vomiting". The indication note for appendix (a) after tha last word is Greek letters is missing.

The most unfortunate examples of negligence, carelessness and lack of publisher's responsibility shall be found in the Appendix. The whole Appendix have been copied from the American Edition of Boericke & Tafel, in which Hahnemann's INTRODUCTION (of 99 paragraphs consisting of 10 independent chapters) begins on 0.1 and ends on p. 47, and the page numbers in Dudgeon's Appendix are given according to pages of this book. In M. Bhattacharya edition, Hahnemann's Introduction have been pushed in the end, beginning on p. 473 and ending on p. 513.

The classical error is that the chapter APPENDIX in this book begins on p. 467 and the Introduction has been published in the chapter of Appendix. The whole page numbering in Appendix in relation to Appendix notes in Introduction is wrong and an ordinary reader can not make any head nor tail of it.

Appendix :

  • P. 514: under INTRODUCTION : first line : To p. 1. should be : To p. 473 second line : p. 33 should be p. 505.
  • 12 th line : To p. 2 should be To p. 474.
  • 15 th line : To p. 3 should be To p. 475.
  • 17 th line : To p. 5 should be To p. 477.
  • 21 st line : To p. 5 should be To p. 477.
  • P. 515: first line : To p. 6 note : should be To p. 478 note
  • 3 rd line : To p. 8 should be To p. 480
  • 7 th line : To p. 9 should be To p. 481
  • 9 th line : To p. 9 second reference : should be To p. 481 second reference
  • 28 th line : To p. 9 third reference : should be To p. 481 third reference.
  • 30 th line : To p. 12 should be : To p. 484.
  • 32 nd line : To p. 13 should be : To p. 485.
  • P. 516: 3 rd paragraph : To p. 15 should be : To p. 487.
  • P. 517: 6 th line : To p. 14 note : should be : To p. 486 note
  • 27 th line : To p. 15 : should be To p. 487.
  • 29 th line : To p. 23 : should be To p. 495.
  • 31 st line : To p. 25 : should be To p. 497.
  • 33 rd line : To p. 29 : should be To p. 501.
  • 35 th line : To p. 29 note : should be To p. 501 note.
  • 38 th line : To p. 53 : should be To p. 505.
  • 40 th line : To p. 33 : second reference should be To p. 505 : second reference.
  • P. 519: 5 th paragraph : To p. 34 : should be p. 506.
  • P. 550: 29 th line : To p. 40 : should be : p. 507.
  • 34 th line : To p. 43 : should be : p. 510.
  • 36 th line : To p. 45 : should be : p. 512.
  • 39 th line : To p. 46 : should be : p. 512.
  • 41 st line : To p. 46 : should be : p. 512.
There are more irregularities, errors, anomalies and printing mistakes will be discussed in our next write - up.

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Dear Sir, thank you for helping us find the mistakes. its amazing how many students read these books with faulty content.
  Comment by: Madhu, India.    on Feb 01, 2010 0 Agree  |  0 Disagree       Report Abuse

Hi, can we get such corrections of other books/articles too. it would improve the knowledge of all of us.
  Comment by: Vishal, India.    on Feb 01, 2010 0 Agree  |  0 Disagree       Report Abuse

Excellent work
  Comment by: ajit saini, India.    on Feb 01, 2010 0 Agree  |  0 Disagree       Report Abuse

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