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Scope of Homeopathy in Skin Diseases

Homeopathic Journal :: Volume: 3, Issue: 10, Aug, 2010 (Editorial)   -   from Homeorizon.com
Author : Dr. P. Singh, M.D. (Hom) India
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Article Updated: Aug 22, 2010

Beauty is not always skin deep, quite often people go for the world of glitters. They feel it is better to strike first and harder with the first impression. And for maintenance of this first impression one spends so much time, money and resources.

Care of Skin, hair and nails stands foremost in this aesthetic care. Its greatest proof is the overwhelming visits paid to dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons each year. It has been found that around 10% of the consultation in primary care is for skin troubles. The conventional medical system believes that skin disorders are exclusively local ailment and rest of the body has nothing to do with it. So, they are always concerned with removing the local affection by using the local or systemic, antihistamines, antibacterials or antifungal, even corticosteroids and in severe cases cauterization. As a result the toxin which nature wanted to throw away from the body by creating skin eruptions, is pushed back inside. Thus we find momentarily relief but in long run relapses and recurrences are observed. Such relapses not only increase the duration of the disease but also make the symptoms more violent. Moreover if the skin disease is suppressed by the above mentioned techniques, some new diseases develops or in few cases skin diseases starts alternating with some other diseases.

Homeopathy on other hand considers all symptoms, however superficial to be manifestations of some sort of inner disorder. Homeopathy recognizes the need to heal mind, body and spirit and paying attention to all the patient's symptoms.

Disease according to homeopathy may be psychological, inherited, miasmatic or multifactorial and multifaceted.

Homeopathy also believes that treatment especially for skin diseases is always concerned with treating the underlying disorder either simultaneously or subsequently, i.e. Cessante causa, cessat effectus. This underlying disorder can be in the form of Miasms which provide fertile soil for disease organisms to grow. Miasms are the toxins whose accumulation inside the body produces varied manifestations. Psora, the itch disease; Sycosis the figwart disease and syphilis the venereal chancre disease account for most of the skin diseases. The recent lifestyle changes are responsible for the most obstinate, mixed miasmatic skin diseases of the present day. Proper anti-miasmatic medicines remove this harmful sheath from the body restoring the patient to his permanent state of cure.

In the same context comes the issue of Local disease or local malady; in paragraph 173 of Organon Dr. Samuel Hahnemann explains the one-sided diseases as those ".... diseases that seem to have but few symptoms, ......they display only one or two principal symptoms which obscure almost all the others. They belong chiefly to the class of chronic diseases" Most skin diseases belong to this class for e.g. wart or dermatitis present only with few symptoms. In these cases since there are few symptoms the physician has to do a thorough case taking and hunt for the few characteristics mental and general symptoms found in the case. Upon these he bases his prescription and plans his strategy for cure.

Another thing to be remembered is Case Management; it can be in the form of hygiene maintenance in case of Tinea, scabies to avoiding the irritant in contact dermatitis. It not only helps in removing the maintaining cause but also provides early cure.

Homeopathy has a good scope in treating skin diseases, in fact it may not be an exaggeration to say that most patients with skin diseases approach a homeopath sooner or later, if not for medication then for consultation. Homeopathic remedies not only remove the complaint but also the tendency of the complaint to recur; they have been repeatedly found to be efficacious in the field of Dermatology. To share with you all the same experiences we have devoted exclusively the present issue of Homeopathic Horizon to the SCOPE OF HOMEOPATHY IN DERMATOLOGY.

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