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Homeopathy in Cases of Toothache

Homeopathic Journal :: Volume: 5, Issue: 3, Jan 2012 (Regulars)   -   from
Author : Dr. C. M. F. von Bśnninghausen, MD.
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Article Updated: Jan 22, 2012

Case of Toothache treated by Chamomilla

I remember my wife was seized with violent toothache of the kind I have just described. As I was absent from home Dr. B., who attended at that time my suffering wife, gave her at first Aconite, in consequence of the feverish symptoms; as they were not diminished, on the next day he gave her Pulsatilla, which did not produce the slightest effect; the third day Bryonia was administered; but this remedy also gave no relief. Dr. B., who now thought that Homoeopathy was insufficient, applied, on the fourth day, eighteen leeches, and gave a mixture, which produced for the first a short time relief; but after a quarter of an hour the same violent toothache returned, and became insupportable. The fifth day I returned, at four P. M., from my journey, and found my wife suffering from the intensest pain. After having inquired into what had been done for her, and having well examined her state, I gave her at once a dose of Chamomilla. At five o'clock the pain ceased and the swelling of the cheek disappeared.

Case of Toothache treated by Coffea

Last Christmas I called upon a friend's family, who lived strictly according to the rules of the homoeopathic diet, and never took coffee. I found the housewife suffering from violent toothache; the pain was throbbing, and the patient ran crying from one room to another, complaining of insupportable pain; though she confessed that sometimes the pains were not so intense, yet they affected her very much. The account of her sufferings was interrupted by crying, and she behaved herself with a certain hastiness, like a person distracted, which last symptom struck me the more, as I knew her consistent and firm character when she was in health.

I gave her at once a small dose of Coffea cruda 6, and after two minutes the throbbings disappeared, and the remaining sensibility of the part affected was taken off in five minutes afterwards by Ignatia. The whole evening now passed in the usual way, and during the week I stopped there nothing similar happened. Some days ago I saw her again, when she told me that she had not had any attack of toothache since.

Case of Toothache relieved by Pulsatilla

About three years ago, when traveling, I arrived towards evening at a hotel, where I found some friends from the neighbourhood assembled, and among them the landlord's doctor. Some minutes after my arrival, the eldest daughter of the family begged me to relieve her toothache, telling me that for more than a fortnight she had experienced an attack, which came on after sunset, and lasted till midnight; that nothing had been found to give permanent relief, only that by walking in the open air, or standing at an open window, the pain was somewhat mitigated. This statement was confirmed by the doctor. As it was not the proper place to question her minutely about her other complaints, I gave her from my own box one dose of Pulsatilla 30. The result exceeded my expectation; for before I could return the box to my pocket, she cried out, to the astonishment of the whole company, "The pain is all gone." The young physician, who had but lately taken his degree, surprised by this fact, said that this cure, if it should last, would be most remarkable.

I then reasoned backwards: where Pulsatilla acted so quickly, there must be also its characteristic symptoms; and replied to him, if the patient followed only a week the rules for the homoeopathic diet, she would not only lose the toothache for good, but be cured of any other complaints she might have. The young Æsculapius was quite puzzled at this, and asked what complaints.

I told him now some characteristic symptoms of this remedy, viz.: the prevalent shivering, great thirst, low spirits, insupportable heat, want of sleep before midnight, want of appetite, and dislike to fat food etc. He then pretended I had ascertained all these particulars before, and when it was proved that I had just arrived, and had not previously examined the patient, he exclaimed, in some displeasure, that her relatives agreed with me out of courtesy. I replied that I would tell him something more in private, and he should afterwards ask if it was true. On his assenting, I told him that the patient was also suffering from mucous diarrhoea; that her monthly periods appeared too late, at intervals of five weeks, and were only of a few days' duration, with pain in the back and cramps in the abdomen. He then went to her, and pretended I had told him that she suffered from constipation, and that the catamenia were too early and abundant; to which she replied that in these respects I was mistaken, for she complained just of the contrary, and all that she answered to his inquiries agreed exactly with what I had before told him. Some months afterwards, when I saw this young lady again, she joyfully thanked me for having cured her of all her complaints. Whether this young physician afterwards studied Homoeopathy I do not know, but I doubt it, as I have never heard of him since.

Reference: Lesser writings by Dr. C. von Boenninghausen.

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