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A Case of Psoriasis

Homeopathic Journal :: Volume: 3, Issue: 10, Aug, 2010 (Regulars)   -   from Homeorizon.com
Author : Dr. D.P. Rastogi, DMS, MBS, DF Hom.
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Article Updated: Aug 22, 2010

Miss S aged 6 yrs was brought for consultation for severe Psoriasis on the entire body , from head to foot on 19/11/2008. As usual she did not get any relief from the conventional medicine.


  • She had patches from head to foot on back, hips, arms and on abdomen.
  • She had salivation during sleep and had bad odor from the mouth and was thirsty.
  • She had fear of being alone and was a sensitive child
  • She had increased appetite and desired tasty items ,salt and pickles.
  • Her mother told that she has the habit of sucking her right thumb. This habit was present even during intra uterine life as was evident from the ultrasound done at that time.
  • As I considered this as quite peculiar I prescribed Nat mur on the basis of Phatak's repertory. [ Cal phos,Nat mur, Sil]
  • Nat mur 0/1 was continued till 11/12/08 but did not produce any change.
  • It was changed to Kali mur 0/1 on 12/12/08 as the scales were white.
  • However no change took place and the case was repertorized on BBCR

Repertorization BBCR for Psoriasis Case

Phos and Merc sol were the leading remedies. As Phos covered 7 rubrics it was given in 0/1, 4 times daily. Improvement started soon after its administration. No new patch was reported and the head become free from scales. It was continued till 6/5/09 when it was noticed that no further improvement is taking place. At this stage Merc sol was started in 0/1, 4 times daily and it brought quick and steady improvement within 2 following weeks. The girl became completely free within 6 weeks of starting Merc sol and is very happy.

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