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Dr. Jugal Kishore :: An Obituary

Homeopathic Journal :: Volume: 5, Issue: 3, Jan 2012 (Issue of the Month)   -   from Homeorizon.com
Author : Dr. (Mrs.) Puneet Srivastava, BHMS, MD
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Article Updated: Jan 28, 2012

Dr. Jugal Kishore
Dr. Jugal Kishore was one of the outstanding homoeopathic consultants, practicing Homoeopathy for more than 60 years in Delhi. He was born in 1915, graduated from the Foreman Christian College. Lahore (Punjab University) getting the highest aggregate marks and winning merit scholarship both in school and college. Dr Jugal kishore never intended to be a physician he had actually appeared for the ICS exams after topping his university in his B.Sc exams but call it a quirk of fate he fell so ill that he was bedridden for almost a year. During this period, while browsing through these books he happened to read a remedy which he thought might help him.

He experimented upon himself and to his delight found himself responding positively to it. His faith in homeopathy multiplied and he decided to study homeopathy. He graduated in Homoeopathic medicine from the Faulty of Homoeopathic Medicine. West Bengal. Dr. Kishore then started his homeopathic practice in June 1945 and his clinic was the first Homeopathic clinic run by a fully qualified homeopath with government recognition. He had the distinction of being appointed four times as the Hon. Physician to the President of India. He was also Hony. Homoeopathic Advisor to the Govt.of India and former Chairman of Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia committee of India.

His other list of embellishments include:

  • Founder Director of Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, New Delhi.
  • President Asian Homoeopathic Medical League (AHML).
  • National Chief Executive International Homoeopathic Medical Organization (GENEVA).
  • Indian delegate to the International Congress held at Vienna in 1973, and later in 1976 to the International Congress at Athens in Greece.

He was also the visiting Consultant to Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital and Safdarjung Hospital. In the Scientific era, he had proved a number of remedies like Saraca indica, sulphourous acid, Cynadon dac, Abroma augusta, M&B 693 and Tylophora indica. He was the creator of the Kishore Cards- the best punch card system for Homoeopathic Reportorial analysis and was the author of 'Evolution of Homoeopathic Repertories and Repertorisation' and 'Intergrated Homoeopathic Repertory-Mind'.

Dr. Jugal Kishore has authored a numbers of books some of which are:

  • Kishore Card Repertory - co-author Dr. Arvind Kishore
  • Integrated Repertory - Mind and Generalities
  • Evolution of Repertories

Some of his other original contributions are :

  1. Monograph on Iodine as a Homoeopathic Remedy
  2. Remedy of Post-nasal catarrh
  3. Rhododendron
  4. Aralia Racemosa
  5. The Problem of Potency
  6. Some Therapeutic by ways of Kali bichromicum
  7. Remedies affecting the Posterior Nares
  8. Rauwolfia Serpentina
  9. Abroma Augusta

He was very fond of Indian Classified music, photography and golf. Dr. Kishore is survived by two sons. His wife Sharda passed away in 1978.

One of the greatest teachers of all times Dr.Jugal Kishore left for his heavenly abode on 23.01.2012 at the age of 98 owing to age related problems.

We lost a great homeopath but the only consolation was perhaps that he was nominated for Padma Shree award, the fourth greatest civilian award by the Government of India.

Two days before he passed away, the family was informed that he has been selected for the Padma Shri and he was very excited to hear the news. His death snatched from us a Renowned homoeopath, a great teacher and an ardent lover of homeopathy. Dr. Kishore's contribution in education research, clinical practice, policy making and manufacturing of quality medicine was immense and incomparable. His demise is a great loss to homeopathy.

We pay our respect and homage to this great soul of homoeopathy. May his soul rest in peace.

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