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A Brief Review of Crataegus oxycantha

Homeopathic Journal :: Volume: 2, Issue: 4, Feb 2009 (General Theme)   -   from Homeorizon.com
Author : Dr. B.S. Suvarna, B.A., D.I. (HOM.), M.I.H., Ph.D. (ITALY, GOLD MEDALIST), PGDPC (psychotherapy&counseling)
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Article Updated: Oct 18, 2009

An enthusiastic doctor once compared the action of the mother tincture of crataegus oxycantha - the berries of the white English hawthorn - to the action of "a good meal on a tired , hungry and cold man " . The dose is about 5 to 10 drops in a little water . crataegus seems nearly a universal heart remedy , fitting all cases .

...Dr.E.P.Anshut Z.

Crataegus is believed to be the king of heart tonics , it has been extensively used in Chicago by heart clinics for 50 years with utmost ratifying results .


The real danger is very bad malignant case with no high blood pressure at all . the systolic may be quiet low but with a high diastolic , crataegus I think you might consider using it in big doses i.e, 30 minims t.i.d


Sleeplessness in heart affections was found under crataegus , the prescription was thirt drops of mother tincture in half a glass of water one tea spoon full every 30 hours , the effect was unbelievable . In 2 days the patient blue cyanosed , face becomes moist he begins to lie down a little and the immense hyper trophied and dilated heart progressively less in short a marvelous improvement set in .


Random notes ,

Patient with week rapid heart with pulse of unequal force , flurried feeling pain in the heart region and down the left arm with excessive perspiration and pink muscular eruptions at the nape which burns , is worse from heat and better from washing .


Dr. Greme an Iris renowned heart specialist cured heart cases by crataegus oxycantha , 10 drops of the tincture , it is a heart regulator , it has no equal , it is not poison like digitalis .


Old Age Pulse : I was asked to prescribe for a physician of 80 years old , the pulse was rather peculiar , there were 2 or 3 regular beats , 3 or 4 quick pulsations of the artery . It reminded me of an old horse drawing a heavy load , The driver whip him and the horse will go rapidly for 2 or 3 steps again . the old doctor's heart which served him long faithfully was just getting tired and him so long and faith fully was just getting tired and was liable to stop beating or ever .

I prescribed tincture crataegus 10 drops every 3 hours in alteration with kaliphos . I heard from him a year after wards , he was very much better and was able to attend to office business .

...Dr.Eli G. Jones

It should be remembered in old cases of failing compensation with dilatation of the heart , also in fatty hearts where it frequently gives relief when digitalis  and other cardiac stimulant have failed , the patient is gloomy , despondent , apprehensive , then a pallar of the skin with a rush of blood to the head , there is depression with extreme and irregular breathing which is aggravated by moving about .


Dr. Bond reported a number of nice cases with this remedy i.e, in high potencies and Dr.Clarke too.

Blood Pressure High or Low : chances in blood pressure can also be a criterion of correct selection of the remedy , it makes no difference whether the case under study originally had normal or abnormal vascular tension , the simillimum always normalizes the blood pressure ; it lowers the high and raises the low pressure and does not change the normal while the partially similar remedy ; the palliator , mostly lowers the pressure .  

 ...F.K. Bellokossy

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