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Obstetrics / Gynecology Articles

  • Homeopathic Remedies for Normal Delivery
    Author : Dr. V. Krishnamurthy  |  Rating:   |  6 Comments  |  30942 times viewed
  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) in terms of Homoeopathy
    Author : Dr. Rajneesh K. Sharma  |  Rating:   |  4 Comments  |  4324 times viewed
  • Pregnancy in terms of Homoeopathy
    Author : Dr. Rajneesh K. Sharma  |  Rating:   |  0 Comments  |  8510 times viewed
    This article covers the complete physiology and pathology of fertilization up to the delivery with role of miasms intermingled. It explains how the miasms tend to become inert or active during whole process and vital force carries on keeping them in balance.
  • Fibroadenoma and Homeopathy
    Author : Dr. Rajneesh K. Sharma  |  Rating:   |  1 Comments  |  65535 times viewed
  • Mood and Menstrual Cycle
    Author : Dr. Rajneesh K. Sharma  |  Rating:   |  3 Comments  |  7026 times viewed
  • Family Planning and Homeopathy
    Author : Dr. Sanjay Singh  |  Rating:   |  0 Comments  |  24466 times viewed
    Birth control is an important topic of discussion in the present scenario...Some medicines which are highly efficacious in birth control include: Natrum-mur, Plumbum-met, Merc-sol, Apis-mel
  • Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth & Post - Natal Problems
    Author : Dr. B.S. Suvarna  |  Rating:   |  0 Comments  |  12171 times viewed
    If you are planning your first pregnancy , it is a good idea to start six months before the hoped –for date of conception . This gives you time to ask your doctor to check if you are immune to rubella and to be immunized if necessary . It allows you to improve your diet and reduce or preferably give up , smoking and alcohol . Advise on preconceptual care can be obtained from fore sight
  • Breast Disorders and Homeopathy
    Author : Dr. B.S. Suvarna  |  Rating:   |  0 Comments  |  30975 times viewed
    '33% of all women between the ages of 30 and 50, and 50% of women of all ages, may at some point, are told by their physician that they have fibrocystic breast disease or other benign breast conditions.'
    Dr. Suvarna gives a short description of different breast disorders including Breast cancer, their management and the Homeopathic therapeutics of different disorders.
  • Pre-Menstrual Syndrome and Homeopathy
    Author : Dr. Anoop Kumar Srivastava  |  Rating:   |  0 Comments  |  18099 times viewed
    'Approximately 75% of women experience PMS to some degree, with 20 to 50% finding that symptoms disrupt their daily activities, and 3 to 5% becoming incapacitated. Approximately 30% of women who seek treatment for PMS have a chronic psychiatric disorder.'
    What exactly is Premenstrual Syndrome? Its causes, diagnosis, management and homeopathic perspective. 'Thus different miasms have different presentations in premenstrual syndrome. It is the responsibility of the homoeopathic physician to identify the case miasmatically and prescribe accordingly. Unless the miasmatic hurdle is removed complete cure cannot be established.'
  • Polycystic Ovarian Disease
    Author : Dr. Sameer Chaukkar  |  Rating:   |  1 Comments  |  16875 times viewed
    'Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a mystery. Many patients yet don't know what causes it or the best way to treat it.' So here Dr. Chaukkar gives a detailed account of Polycystic Ovarian Disease along with the homeopathic management of the case, 'Homoeopathy finds remedy for your problems! It covers acne, obesity, irregular periods, alopecia and hirsutism on single drug 'The Constitutional Medicine' it gives you total treatment to all your problems with permanent cure. I have come over with enormous cases of polycystic ovarian disease with definite cure. I can say that the improvement statistics as about 90%. If you look in depth to your multi-headed problems, the root cause is inheritance'
  • Vaginal Discharge and Homeopathy
    Author : Dr. B.S. Suvarna  |  Rating:   |  0 Comments  |  20399 times viewed
    Small amount of vaginal discharge is a normal part of the physiological response of a woman to hormonal changes and is usually of a clear mucus colour, however excessive or unpleasant vaginal discharge can be a sign of the presence of thrush or a sexually transmitted disease.
    Dr. Suvarna explains the physiological and pathological vaginal discharges along with the preventive measures to be adopted and the Homeopathic therapeutics of the disorder.
  • Female Sterility
    Author : Dr. Ajit Singh  |  Rating:   |  1 Comments  |  11120 times viewed
    Female infertility or Infecundity is the inability to bear children, Dr. Singh explains why and how Homeopathy is befitted to such cases.
    Homeopathy treats the man/woman in disease and not vice versa. Hahnemann advises us to base the selection of the remedy upon the totality of the symptoms presented by the patient, as they are the outwardly reflected image of the internal and invisible disease.
  • Homeopathy in Antenatal Care and Natal Care
    Author : Dr. P. Singh  |  Rating:   |  0 Comments  |  10639 times viewed
    Dr. Singh goes through the epoch of pregnancy and the complaints accompanying it. A detailed management of these complaints along with commonly indicated homeopathic medicines is also given. Also she elaborates the homeopathic medicines which help in safe and easy delivery.
    'Well chosen homeopathic remedies will help cure these complaints and are safe and have no side effects. These medicines give a natural and specific stimulation to the body’s defense mechanism producing an overall improvement'
  • Homeopathy in Puerperium
    Author : Dr. P. Singh  |  Rating:   |  0 Comments  |  10845 times viewed
    'Puerperium in itself is not a disease. It is the normal physiology of body to cope up with the increased demands on itself. Owing to these retrogressive changes the female body reverts to its pre-pregnant state. Most of the females cope up with these changes rather uneventfully. But sometimes the puerperal epoch is blemished by some minor ailments and abnormalities.'
    Dr. Singh discusses the ailments and complaints of puerperium along with their homeopathic management.
  • Fibroadenosis Cured by Homoeopathy
    Author : Dr. B.S. Suvarna  |  Rating:   |  2 Comments  |  24935 times viewed

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