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Materia Medica

"There is no road to the practice of homeopathy - whether it is the clinical road or the symptomatic road- which does not entail close and constant study of the Materia Medica"
- J.H.Clarke

Materia medica is the branch of science which studies the origin and preparation of drugs, their doses, and their mode of administration; also, the drugs themselves.

Horizon of Homeopathy Materia Medica brings to you remedy description, articles and papers related to Homeopathy Materia Medica. Explore the world of homeopathic medicines!

Drug Proving

  • A Trauma Remedy: Kaki World Tree
    Author : Dr. Marijke Creveld  |  Rating:   |  3 Comments  |  8754 times viewed
  • The Methuselah Tree (Pinus Longaeva)
    Author : Dr. Marijke Creveld  |  Rating:   |  1 Comments  |  9196 times viewed
    Pinus longaeva are the longest living trees on earth. A dream proving was conducted with a remedy made of the root and wood of a Bristlecone pine. During the dream proving many dreams occurred with the theme: ‘above and below’, related to the connexion with the earth and the cosmos/ spirituality. Among others the themes 'no communication, being unconnected/ disconnected and insensitive', 'running and hurry', 'sadness' and 'lonely' all related to the problem which is that we are increasingly out of sync with our external time frame
  • Proving of Diospyros Kaki Creveld
    Author : Dr. Marijke Creveld  |  Rating:   |  1 Comments  |  7627 times viewed
    On the 9th of August 1945 the plutonium bomb fell on Nagasaki announcing the end of the second World War. A large part of the city was totally destroyed and a great many people died. As by miracle one tree survived close to the epicenter of the blast.

    This is the Kaki tree, the Diospyros kaki. Its capacity for survival makes this the tree for the world

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