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Revision Notes

The Homeorizon Revision Notes Section provides you a rich collection of last moment revision notes for competitive exams. The concise yet detailed record under different subjects will help you prepare for competitive exams as well as viva-voice and interviews. Go through them for a better grasp of the subject.
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Revision Notes Articles

  • Quick Review: Muscles of Body
    Presented by : Dr. (Mrs.) Puneet Srivastava  |  Rating:   |  0 Comments  |  12606 times viewed
    There are about over 650 muscles (c.f. Bones: 206) in human mostly paired but five are single muscles. Common Facial expressions and muscles producing them Smiling and Laughing - Zygomaticus major. Anger - Dilator naris & Depressor septii. Contempt - Zygomaticus minor. Sadness - Levator labii superioris & levator anguli oris. Grief - Depressor anguli oris. Frowning - Corrugator supercili & procerus. Horror, terror and fright - Platysma. Surprise - Frontalis. Doubt - Mentalis. Grinning - Risoris.