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Medical Ethics

Medical Ethics is a branch of Bioethics concerning the practice of medicine and related fields.

It is a subject concerning the application of ethics or moral values in the practice of medicine.

Under this section we present articles on different aspects of practicing homeopathy keeping in mind the ethical boundaries and expansions.
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Medical Ethics Articles

  • Ethics and Homeopathic Medicine
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    "It is the eternal struggle between these two principles - right and wrong. They are the two principles that have stood face to face from the beginning of time and will ever continue to struggle."
    - Abraham Lincoln

    Since the inception of mankind the subject of right and wrong has perturbed many a souls. Irrespective of the basic field this issue of righteousness was extended to every profession. Medical Science has fallen in and out of its favor innumerable times.
    According to Margaret Mead when this concept of ethics was introduced: "For the first time in our tradition there was a complete separation between killing and curing".
    In medical profession, popularly known as medical ethics it addresses to the study and practice of application of moral values and principals to medicine.
  • Physicians Oath
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  • Hippocratic Oath
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