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Homeorizon.com :: The world of Homeopathy

Homeorizon.com is not only a web portal for homeopaths, but a dream which was seen in 2006 and bring alive in 2007 by Dr. Anoop Kumar Srivastava and his small team at Jaipur, INDIA. According to Dr. Anoop, initially Homeorizon.com was planned for Homeopaths and General Public. On one side he wanted to provide all untouched information, historical data, famous author's articles, clinical tips, case presentations, etc. for homeopathy practitioners and on another side he wanted to bring scientific homeopathy to the masses and make it everybody's pathy. For these purposes he conceptualize and develop Homeorizon.com.

Started with a team of 4, now Homeorizon.com has more than 500 volunteers, working on different sections for Homeopathy. Now Homeorizon.com has distinct content for each person. For Homeopaths and Homeopathy Students we categorize our content in basic fields to study homeopathy, these are: Materia Medica, Repertory, Organon & Homeopathic Philosophy, Homeopathic Pharmacy, Medicine and History of Medicine. Further we are providing Clinical Tips for busy practitioners, Homeopathic Cases, Clinical Procedures, Historical Documents, Biographies of famous Homeopaths, Research Work in Homeopathy, Book Reviews, Free E-Books on Homeopathy, Power Point Presentations, Dissertation Work and more...

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Homeopathic Horizon :: Expanding Horizon of Homeopathy

Many renowned homeopaths from all over the world are linked with us and provide their valuable content on site. Every month we launch a new issue of Homeopathic Horizon, our monthly E-Journal on Homeopathy, on a different theme or subject. We have launched more than 25 issues of it and every new ezine is like a pearl in the garland of Homeorizon.com. One can easily subscribe it and receive its latest issue in his mailbox. To know more about our E-Journal, and basic theme of Homeorizon.com, at the time when it was developed, please view :

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Notifications :: We value your trust !

At Homeorizon.com we know how much you expect from us and we all will provide you according to your trust. Currently we have an automated system to respond you on any new activity related to homeopathy. New Homeopathic Jobs and Opportunities, Seminar Notifications, MD Entrance Notifications, Exam Notifications, Exam Results, Seminar Reviews, Scholarships in Homeopathy and more... We try our best to provide genuine notifications, for this a team of experts keep its eye regularly on newspapers and websites and crosscheck its authenticity. However we suggest you to confirm on your own before using any information from site. For our registered members we provide these notifications directly to their mailbox according to their choice.

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Health Forum :: Discuss everything about health!

As the basic aim of homeorizon.com is, providing scientific homeopathy to the masses, we recently launched our Health forum, where everybody can discuss his views / problems regarding health and homeopathy. Where a student can discuss his campus life, share and revise his notes, ask for career options for free, discuss any problem in treating a case or in study, a patient can discuss his disease free to answer by any doctor and can present his successful case story. A person can get basic knowledge of any naturopathy and also can share his home remedies, his views on homeopathy and other naturopathies. And a doctor/homeopath can take opinion in his case, can provide his valuable researches, clinical tips, can discuss about latest technologies and softwares and also can promote his website. So our forum covers all.

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Special Attention to Homeopathy Students

Apart from rich homeopathic content, time-to-time jobs & exam notifications on mail and forum, we are striving to provide what a homeopathy student needed. Currently you may view MD, BHMS Syllabus alongwith Competition Exam Syllabus, which you will receive nowhere else. You can view recognised and unrecognised colleges' list. Also there are some PSC exam MCQs. Also you may ask your any sort of difficulties in case taking, in career or in college campus, absolutely free to our experts in Ask Our Experts sectoin. Soon we will provide exam papers, revision notes, career options, dissertation for PGs, online resume writing, resume subbmissin and some more special services, so keep watching your student desk and be our member to get 100% benifits from day one.

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We are the world and the world is our!

Our basic aim is to provide general health and hygiene information to the masses, to guide you about the basic principles of homeopathy, its working procedure and homeopathy effectiveness in various diseases. Here you willl find not only homeopathic treatment, but also other naturopathies too. It is not a Homeopathy Guide Book, but a pocket book on healthy living ways. Some articles have tips to set your daily routine to avoid stress and seasonal diseases, some to sharpen your memory and some to guide about your physique. Currently we are providing information on Men Harmonal & Health Problems, Women Health & Hygiene, Children Care with Homeopathy and Naturopathy, Old Age Problems, Healthy Living Formulas, First Aid in Homeopathy, Homeo Aids (Subsidiaries to Homeopathy), Other Naturopathies, Seasonal Diseases and Homeopathy, Fitness Calcs and more to count... Soon we will provide some health quizes and will also answer your queries.

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Membership :: Its free! Its worthy!

Our membership is absolutely free and will have many benifits in near future. Here we are collecting your information only to serve according to your taste. Please fill the form fields correctly, we will not share your any information with anybody. (Read our Privacy Policy), soon we will have 'upload your articles', 'upload your resume' and chatting features and this information will help us to judge your authenticity and to provide you gifts and seasonal offers. None of your entries will be published if our team found incomplete or wrong information. But not to worry if you filled wrong information, you may edit it any time. So why are you waiting for? Register Today!

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... and this is not the whole...

Above features are our key features, the site has much more to explore on your own. And many a new features are in pipeline and will be in front soon. So keep visiting...